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100 Sex Games For Couples - E-book Review By James Fargo

One of the greatest challenges in your long term relationship is attempting to keep things fun and exciting in the bedroom.
However, work or your kids or a myriad of other tasks and chores that need to be done often interfere with the time you need to stoke the flames of passion in your sex life. If you are like me you know how busy life can be so it only makes sense to find new ideas that can be used over and again in your list of love making techniques.
Into this situation comes "100 Sex Games for Couples". This is nothing outrageously kinky as sex games are a great way to keep your lovemaking fresh and original and may also have a longer reuse value than the variety of sex positions and lovemaking techniques.
Does this e-book by Michael Webb actually deliver on this promise though with enough good sex games to keep things interesting?
The book starts well with an introduction about how intimacy is spiritual, emotional & physical covering more aspects than some guides that gloss over straight to the physical aspect. This sets the tone for the entire book as the games are about 'making love' and not just a physical act of sexual intercourse.
The actual games that follow are divided into two sections which confused me for a second because there were only 33 games not a hundred until I saw that each game had multiple variations taking the total to 100. These variations have different rules and variation on the original concept which I thought was interesting because you could use the same game with a twist just when your partner might have been getting used to the original to keep them on their toes! Some of the games are more entertaining than others like any comprehensive list but they all had merit and some were very imaginative and very sexy.
For example there is an exciting guessing game, a passionate night of lovemaking but starting from an unusual location, an pleasurable storytelling game which I quite liked and even a card game with a twist (no, not just strip poker). They range from games involving food to communicating, touching and sharing intimate moments.
All in all, the book is well worth the asking price, considering it could be the very thing that brings you closer together as a couple!
So, is this book worth it? For the small amount it costs and the amazing variety of ideas that will give you many nights of pleasure and togetherness it is a great bit of extra reading that can liven up your sex life for years.
I recommend this guide to anyone looking for something new if things have gone a bit stale or even to those who are having good sex but want it to be great!
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James_Fargo James_Fargo

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