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Ava Gilcrest Article

Will the Kama Sutra Help Or Hinder Your Sex Life? By Steve Hill

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text originally written in Sanskrit that describes how couples should treat each other sexually. The text tells us that if we follow the lessons it provides, we will never lose our lovers. I believe this to be true.
From a woman's point of view, the Kama Sutra is the most sensual text ever written. It not only teaches sexual positions to heighten the experience of intercourse, but it teaches the more important art of foreplay and how to keep the sexual attraction and tension alive and well. The book teaches men how to treat their women, and women how to treat their men.
Some parts of the text can be overlooked by a loving couple. These would include the instructions for a woman to become and to be the best courtesan. A courtesan is a woman whose only function is to please men. Some courtesans belonged to only one man, while others were hired out to many men as a prostitute. Unless you are doing some fantasy role playing, this portion of the Kama Sutra will probably not apply to you, but it is good reading.
Some chapters of the Kama Sutra describe how to excite your partner by biting, scratching and hitting him or her. The book describes how and where to do these things and how to leave particular marks on the skin when you do them. It also tells the partner, the receiver of the acts, what noises to make when they are being bitten, hit or scratched. Finally, it describes how the partners should look at the marks that were left and how they should point them out to the person who inflicted the wounds in a loving and playful way. Many people might find these instructions exciting and this kid of play might enhance their sexual relationships. Others will find it com completely out of line and distasteful. Keep in mind that the Kama Sutra was not only written thousands of years ago, but was written for people to experience all sorts of pleasures. If you don't agree with it, skip these chapters and move on to something that will make your sex great.
Whether you read the Kama Sutra to heighten your sexual experiences, to try new positions, or to learn the life lessons that it has to teach, the Kama Sutra is a text that you won't regret picking up.
Steve Hill is a webmaster from Birmingham, he has interests in a number of websites including:
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