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What Affects Sex Drive in Men - Improve Your Sex Drive and Libido Naturally By Matt Spears

Andropause is the condition when men start losing testosterone. This usually happens due to a mix of certain emotional and physical factors. Stress is usually the major culprit but age has a significant role in a decline in testosterone among men. It is usually after the age of 30 that this hormone goes for a dive. It is scientifically estimated that men generally lose testosterone at 10% a decade but there is a large number of men who experience a greater drop and feel the effects sharply. As such it is matter of severity.
Though age and emotional factors count the major reason behind a drop in T levels, there could be certain external factors as well which are a result of industrialization. This is because of the presence of certain chemicals in your body that includes:
Pesticides Herbicides Plastic wrappings Plastic drinking bottles Meat from animals raised on hormone-rich food Detergents Pollution
These chemicals are a source of xenoestrogens ie., estrogen not produced within the body and it plays havoc with the hormonal balance in your body. It affects testosterone production negatively and leads to the early onset on Andropause. A drop in T-levels is a major reason behind a decline in sex drive in men and often leads to sexual or erectile dysfunction. Other effects include loss of lean muscle mass, weight gain, decline in bone density which makes you more susceptible to bone fractures, hair loss, prostrate problems, mood swings, depression and lack of energy and youthfulness.Though you can raise your T-levels naturally through a diet rich in proteins, moderate in essential fats and limited in carbohydrates, regular exercise and reducing stress levels, one possible answer to the lack of zinc and the falling sex drive is natural pills that contain herbal extracts like ginseng, ginkgo, zinc gluconate, muira pauma etc., The presence of zinc can increase libido and sperm count. One of the effects of exposure to xenoestrogen is the impairing of zinc absorption by the body. Zinc is essential to the healthy functioning of the prostate, testicles, immune system, wound healing and is part of some 300 enzymes. If you feel you are no longer eager for sex as you once were, or if the doctor told you that your sperm count is lower than normal, then you should try Clinically Approved pillsforpe Male Enhancement Pills for boosting your Testosterone production.
Prosolution Pills are a unique blend of age old aphrodisiacs and can boost your sex drive by enhancing testosterone production. Moreover, these pills include free access to For Men Only exercise guide to help you strengthen your erections and overcome premature ejaculation. Matt Spears has helped many a men overcome their sexual disabilities and improve their performance. Visit his blog mensniche.typepad toppenispillsmensniche.typepad toppenispills if you want to enhance your sexual capabilities rather than suffer in silence.
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