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Kelly The Sex Slave

Kelly the Sex Slave

By - Oct 7, 2007 5732 Kelly was tired after a very long day. Her office was empty and she was hoping to leave soon. Her company had been showing new overseas clients around the office, so she was dressed up more than usual. She was wearing a sharp black dress with silver accents. Her very shapely legs were covered in tan stockings, which were held up by garters at the top of them. Kelly always enjoyed wearing stockings like these, especially since during the last two years her boss Martin has had her on her back in the office more than once. She enjoyed a good midday fuck, and always dressed to make it easier. She com completed the outfit with 4" black pumps and a black body briefer underneath. Kelly finished her computer work, put on her coat, and headed for the door. "At last, " she said to herself, "home to relax and unwind." What she meant was home to play with herself. She reached her apartment, and proceeded to enter it. As she walked in, she noticed all the lights were out. As she fumbled around in the dark, she felt a strong hand grab her from behind and cover her mouth. After a few moments of struggling, she passed out. *** When she awoke, she found herself chained by her neck to a wall. Both of her ankles were tied together, and she had a ball gag in her mouth. Looking around the room, she could only wonder in silence what had happened to her. She soon would know as two men entered the room. "The dealer was right, " she heard one of the men say while the other came over to her and fondled her tits. Kelly tried to pull away, and was smacked across her mouth for her trouble. "Stupid bitch, " is what she heard from a familiar voice. "You always did want things when you wanted them, now, you are going somewhere and will do anything and everything you are told!" Standing in front of her was her boss and lover Martin. She tried to get close to him, but he just pushed her away and smacked her face. He then pulled her by her hair across the room to the feet of the two men. "Have her cleaned up and ready for auction tonight!" she heard him say. Martin looked down at her and smiled. "I am going to sell you pretty young body bitch. Hopefully, someone will buy you for your pussy, otherwise, you will be working like a common slave." He laughed as tears rolled down Kelly's face. Kelly found herself being stripped and washed by two other women who were playing with her as they prepared her. Each time she resisted one of their actions, she was whipped across her ass. She finally just stood there and let them work on her. She was now dressed in a black bra with small black panties. Around her waist was a gold chain with her name engraved on it. She was also wearing her familiar black stockings. Her ankles and wrists were chained together, and she was wearing four inch spiked heels. Her hair was teased up high, and she was very made up. Martin came into the room and eyed her. He walked over to her, and placed a collar and leash around her neck. "Now we will see what you are worth." He led her out of the room and down the hall to a room where several men & women were waiting. She saw other young girls like herself there, many of them already bought. She saw two girls that could not have been older than twenty chained together. It appeared they were bought by an older man who wanted young pussy. All of the girls were dressed like herself. Slowly each girl was brought around the room by their leash, and were grabbed and pawed by the potential buyers. Most were men, some were women, and it looked like they were from all over the world. Kelly tried to resist the buyer's advances, and was hit each time she tried. She just closed her eyes and hoped it was a dream. Her hopes were shattered with the words, "Let the bidding begin!" CHAPTER 2
Bids were coming from all sides of the room. $10, 000, $15, 000 $25, 000, figures flying back and forth, girls being examined, taken away, humiliated, their spirits broken. There was on the side of the room a well dressed, middle aged couple. Earlier, they had been looking Kelly and another girl over. Before the level of bidding got any higher, they jumped in and offered $40, 000 for Kelly and a young girl named Lea. "Is there any other bids for these beauties!" the auction master shouted. "Going once, twice, sold!" Kelly fell to the floor in tears. The pair was brought over to their new owners. The wife ran her hands up and down Lea's body, while the husband was admiring Kelly, but did not touch her. They paid for them, put chains around their ankles and necks, and led them away to a waiting limo. Kelly and Lea were put into the limo, Kelly with the man and Lea with the wife. It was a large limo, so husband and wife had slides to separate each others activities. Her hands were chained behind her to the side of the door. The man slipped his fingers underneath her black bra, and massaged her nipples until they were rock hard. Another hand rubbed her pussy thru the small black panties she was forced to wear. Kelly pleaded with him to stop, to tell her where she was going and why. "Please, please let me go, please don't touch me." "We have to do something to calm you down and shut you up." he said. With that, he started removing his pants and shorts. Kelly had a look of horror on her face. He stroked his cock, making it stiff. He took his hand and placed it on the back of Kelly's head, and pulled her mouth close to his cock. Kelly was not exactly a prude, but she NEVER gave any of the men in her life head, not even Martin. She always thought it was disgusting, and could not imagine swallowing a man's cum. "No, I don't do that! P-please! No! No! Uum, hmm..." her pleas were replaced by slurping sounds as his cock disappeared into Kelly's mouth. She tried to pull away, but he kept the pressure firm on her head, and started sliding her head and mouth up and down his erect shaft. "You better learn to give good head, it is something you will no doubt be doing a lot of. That's it, go slow, steady, up, down, take your tongue and circle the head of my cock, yes, good girl." Kelly thought to herself, "I cannot believe this, I have a mans cock in my mouth!" She remembered what had just been said to her, and closed her eyes tightly and worked on his cock. She ran her tongue along the shaft and his balls, and deep throated his cock more than once. She had seen it done in videos, and even if she thought it was disgusting, she wondered how a woman did that and what the mans response was. She was learning now. The man was starting to moan and make noises, and Kelly wondered if he was about to come. She did not want to swallow cum, and tried to pull his cock out of her mouth. He grabbed her head with both hands, and forced her to continue. "Here it is Kelly, be a good girl and swallow it all!" He let his load go, and Kelly, almost choking, was forced to swallow wave after wave of his cum. With his cock com completely spent, he pulled it out, and Kelly licked the head and the shaft clean. Kelly lay back in the seat as he dressed himself. She had just given her first blowjob, and could still taste his cum on her lips and in her throat. The man sat back in the chair, and admired his pretty cocksucker. He felt her panties, saturated from the excitement she could not avoid feeling. "Wet my dear, well, I think we will have to take care of this as soon as we get home!" Kelly just sat there and looked away, hoping nothing more would or could happen. She also wondered what was going to happen to Lea. Just then, the car rounded the corner and came to a stop. Her ankles and wrists were still chained together, her legs and ass sore from kneeling and sitting on her spiked heels. Her hair and makeup needed repairing, and there was dried cum on her lips and face. She was helped out of the limo, and was standing in front of a large mansion. The chains on her ankles were loosened up to allow her to walk without assistance. "Welcome to your new home Kelly! Lets get you inside and take care of your wet panties." She was led up the steps and inside the house. CHAPTER 3
Inside the mansion, Kelly saw expensive paintings, furniture, and winding staircases. Servants quickly came over and collected the couples coats and to assist in bringing the new girls in. Lea was carried in, unconscious. Kelly tried to move over to see what was wrong with her, but was pulled back. The woman of the house came over to her, and began to unlock her chains. "Do not worry about her, she will be alright." Kelly was still upset. "What will happen to her and to me?" "We are going to make good use of you both. For now, I plan to use you around the house." She called one of the other maids over. She appeared to be about 25 years old, was in nice shape and had a well- built body. She sprang to attention and came right over. "Kelly, this is Maddy, she, ll get you dressed and show you what your duties are. Do them well, and you will have no problem, otherwise..." She hung her head. Maddy took Kelly's hand and led her up the steps. The couple began to speak to each other about the events of the day and their purchases. "Kelly will provide much to us, I found her talented and eager to please." The woman added, "Lea shows great promise, she could be worth a lot more than we imagined." "I am going to go upstairs and rest, " the man said to his wife, who kissed him and walked away. The man proceeded up the stairs to his room. Maddy brought Kelly to her room, and began selecting a maid's outfit for her to wear. Maddy's uniform was black flats, black stockings, a black and white one piece dress and headpiece com completed the outfit. She laid the clothing down on the bed. "This is what you will be wearing, you can change into now, and I will take you around so you can get started. Any questions?" "What are you doing here, did they buy you like me? What happens once were here, and what happened to the girl who came in here with me?" "I have been here for five years" Maddy said as she and Kelly sat down on the bed. "I ran away from home when I was a teenager, and was living on the streets until I was found one night and was brought here to work." As for your friend, as with you and I, they will do what they wish with her." "But I do not understand, " Kelly asked again. "Why are you here?" Maddy ran her hand up Kelly's thigh as she replied, "I spent my first night with the lady of the house in her room, and found I enjoyed her company and the company of other women. So they let me work here, and I get to spend time with her and some of the help, " like yourself." Maddy planted a kiss on Kelly's lips. "You can start your new duties later, now, your mine!" Maddy exclaimed, throwing Kelly on her back and kissing her deeply with much passion and a strong embrace. Maddy was very talented with her hands and tongue, and was keeping up a steady pace of kissing while exploring Kelly's body. She tried to force Maddy away, and once or twice tried to hurt her with her heels. Smoothly, she used her legs to pin Kelly's down and slid her heels off. Her legs were spread open and held down by Maddy's stocking covered legs. Kissing her way down to her breasts, Maddy pulled Kelly's bra off and sucked and licked her nipples, making them rock hard and erect. Kelly was moaning and crying at the same time, and Maddy was becoming excited. "Time for a good woman's fuck Kelly, time to make you come." Maddy positioned herself between Kelly's legs, they were pussy to pussy, panties still on. Maddy began to grind against Kelly, who kept trying in vain to resist. Rubbing her clit faster and faster, Maddy was making herself very excited, and Kelly found herself becoming equally excited. She was getting hot, and despite her deep feelings pushed against Maddy for relief. This may be the only way she can survive for now. Their moans became louder and louder, and soon they both exploded in orgasm. Maddy pulled out from between Kelly's legs, took her in an embrace, and lay on the bed, kissing and fondling her. There were tears in Kelly's eyes as Maddy cuddled against her. "That's okay Kelly, you will be alright. We will get you dressed later, maybe even see where Lea is. But for now, you have some wet and sticky panties, lets take them off." Maddy slipped Kelly's cum soaked panties down her legs. She held them up in the air in front of her, while Kelly reached for a blanket to cover her exposed pussy. "I will cover that for you!, " a strong male voice said. It was the man of the house, standing in the doorway. He walked over, gave Maddy a kiss, and took Kelly's panties from her. "Go ahead Maddy, I think my wife needs some "help" with Lea, I will take care of Kelly here." She turned around, blew a kiss to Kelly, and walked out. The man walked over to the bed, twirling the panties on his finger. "I told you we would have to take care of your wet panties, and this way, we can take care of the panties and the pussy." Kelly tried to cover herself up and hide under the covers, but he pulled them away. Kelly covered her breasts and pussy with her hands. CHAPTER 4
He moved over towards Kelly, and sat next to her on the bed. He took her cum soaked panties, and rubbed them across her face, letting her smell her own excitement. She tried to turn away, but he held her head still and laughed as Kelly fought to avoid contact with the clothing. It was a sign of her shame, and she could not stand the fact she could not have stopped what happened to her. "So pretty, and so sweaty, did you enjoy your little get together with Maddy?" Kelly was asked by the man with a smile while sniffing her cum soaked panties. "It sure seems that way!" Kelly was drenched in sweat and cum from her own excitement and from Maddy. She felt dirty and disgusted, and she was alarmed at what could be coming next. "There will be other times to play, now it is time for you to do a little work around here" she was told. "Go into the bathroom and shower, and be in your uniform and ready in one hour!" With that, the man walked out the door and locked it. She went into the shower, and soon had warm water running across and down her sweaty and sticky body. Kelly ran soap over her breasts, her neck, and across her stomach. She moved the soap in between her legs, and soon had thick foamy soap filling her pussy, cleaning away the traces of her encounter. After several minutes in the warm water, she rinsed off and started to dry herself off. Reluctantly, she began to dress herself in her maids outfit. First white panties and a black push up bra. It put a strain on her breasts, hurting her and pushed tight against her nipples. Kelly was given dark black stockings with stay-up elastics and seams to wear, and she slid them up her long, slender legs with ease. Her legs were one of her better features, and despite the situation, she admired how good she looked in them. Kelly put on her black and white uniform, and noticed with a sigh it just about covered her ass and was very low cut. She felt more like a whore and less like a servant. Then again, who knows what she really was and what she would be in store for next. Tight fitting black flats were the finishing touches to the outfit along with the headpiece. Kelly looked in the mirror and saw her young frame encased in a maids outfit. She had been a corporate secretary, a success. Now, she had been taken, sold, fucked, sucked, and humiliated. Now, she was servant, and in her situation, this could mean anything. She heard the door unlock, and in came Maddy, who was putting her shoes back on as she came to inspect Kelly's appearance. She come over to Kelly, and planted a kiss on her cheek. "You look refreshed and very pretty, I guess you are ready for work!" Maddy smiled as she circled around Kelly. "What is it exactly I will be doing?" Kelly asked her with more than a concerned tone. "Oh, some cleaning, some dusting, and some "special" assignments with the mistress and the master of this house. I just came from there, she needed some "special" attention, and you girlfriend was just to tied up in other things!" "Where is Lea, is she alright?" Kelly asked Maddy with alarm. "Do not worry about her, she is fine. But you must come with me, there is work to be done." Maddy took her by the hand, and led her out the door and down the hall. CHAPTER 5
Kelly and Maddy passed many elegant rooms and find furnishings. She noted the grand style of the house, and also wondered what was going on in some of these rooms. While walking with Maddy, she saw many other women dressed like herself and others dressed in gowns and elegant dresses. When she attempted to say something to them, Maddy gave her a gentle but firm pull and kept her away from the others. Both women came to a large entrance with double doors and a lock. Reaching into the seam of the top of her stocking, Maddy pulled out a small gold key and put it into the lock and turned. She led Kelly in, closed the door behind them, and locked it. Inside the room were many men and women talking and listening to the piano being played in the corner of the room. There were both older and younger people there, so it was very hard to tell who was here to serve and who was doing the serving. She saw older and younger maids, and some well dressed girls attending and laughing with some of the men. Kelly wondered to herself how many of these girls were doing what they did voluntary. "Kelly, you are to walk around here with this serving tray and take care of all of the guests needs, " Maddy explained to her. "If you have any questions, please come to me, but do not try to talk to the other girls, and do not speak to the guest unless they speak to you first, is this understood!" "Yes, " Kelly said as she picked up her tray and began walking around the room. Many men called her over for the drinks on her tray, and more than once she felt a hand on her ass or brush against her breasts. She just smiled and kept moving whenever this happened, and tried not to get upset. At the other end of the room, a man was standing alone sipping his drink. He motioned for Kelly to bring him a drink, and she came over to him, handed him a fresh drink, took his empty away, and began to walk away. He stopped her, and started to talk. "What is your name young lady?" he asked in a quiet tone. He had some sort of accent, she could not tell where he was from. He was well dressed, and very polite. She responded softly, "my name is Kelly, and may I serve you?" She was very nervous, and it showed in the way she was holding the tray. He put his hands on hers, and stopped the trembling. It was a warm feeling, and she was confused over the feelings she had. "Kelly, this is a pretty name for a pretty woman. You are very lovely, too lovely to be serving drinks at parties. Such a woman should be enjoying herself, giving and receiving pleasure, and be at ease with herself." Soon the gentleman of the house and his wife came over, and were talking with this man, while Maddy took Kelly to the side and spoke with her. All during the conversation, this man kept his eye on Kelly. "He is very wealthy and powerful, be nice to him, you never know what could happen, " Maddy said to Kelly. What could happen, this is what was on Kelly's mind. She would soon learn. The gentleman of the house walked over to Kelly and smiled. He brushed her cheek and hair, and spoke to her. "Dear, beautiful Kelly, I want you do go with this man, and be nice to him. He will make you feel good and very happy, and I EXPECT you to do the same. Do you understand me?" Kelly nodded, and with tears welling in her eyes, walked back over to the gentleman. He took her hand, kissed it, smiled, and began to speak. "Dear Kelly, my name is Ian, and I hope to take care of you and be good to you, and hope you do the same to me. Take my hand, and follow me." Ian guided her through the room and out the main doors as Maddy looked on smiling. She was standing next to the mistress, who was caressing her shoulders. Kelly thought to herself, just how much time and what was Maddy doing with this woman? And how and where was Lea? Kelly was led to a large room which was Ian's suite. They both walked in, and Kelly noticed another young girl, dressed in a similar manner, cleaning up the room. She was picking up torn pieces of what looked like a dress, and material which looked like underwear. As she was looking around, she felt Ian's two hands circle her waist and before she could resist she was being held in his arms. If she tried to move, Ian held her firm. He slowly took his right hand and put it on the back of Kelly's head, and pushed his lips and hers together. Kelly tried hard to resist, but his grip was strong, so was his passion. With this, the other maid exited the room. Ian pushed Kelly down onto his bed, and continued to kiss her, while running his hands up and down her legs. Kelly began to struggle, but she was not strong enough to fight him off, and her movements attempting to get him off of her excited him more. He pushed Kelly further up the bed, and slid his hands under her skirt to her panties. He moved to pull them down her legs, but Kelly kept closing her legs and pushing against him to make it difficult. He reached with one strong pull, and ripped the garment from her body and threw it on the floor. Kelly was being held down by his weight and his strength, and she could do little to resist, but kept trying. Ian had removed all his clothing, and was beginning to position himself to enter Kelly. She in vain kept trying to close her legs, kick him, fight him off by whatever means she could think of. She tried hurting him with her shoes, he took them off and threw them across the room. With both hands holding her down, it was hard for him to make attempts to fuck her. Ian finally used all of his body weight and came down on her chest, and while she caught her breath he grabbed her by the hair with one hand and ripped the uniform off her body. She was on all fours on the bed, clothing torn, clad only in black stockings and bra. She was crying, and was not fighting anymore. "Well my dear, I think I like this angle, why don't we give it a try!" Before Kelly realized what he meant, Ian grabbed her, pushed her against the wall, and plowed himself inside her from behind. He screams were muffled by his hand, she was not a willing and practiced back door woman. Her attempts to stop only pushed her back onto Ian's pole, and she let out some screams before Ian could cover her mouth. He grabbed her around the waist, and began to push and thrust into her faster and faster. Kelly began to emit soft moans, which then grew louder and louder. Ian had started to stir something in her, and despite her feelings, she continued moaning louder and louder. Ian kissed the back of her neck, and pulled on her hair like he was pulling a dog on a leash. Kelly was still moaning, and it appeared she would come soon. Ian's thrusts increased, and he too was ready to come. He grabbed her tighter, and with one full thrust exploded inside her. While he sent waves of cum to fill her hole, Kelly started to buck her hips. She let out a scream, and her excitement soon began flowing out of her. Kelly fell on her stomach, and Ian was lying on top of her. He was kissing behind her neck, but she made no movement or tried to resist. Instead, she cried softly, crying to mask the moans of pleasure she felt, trying to mask the fact she actually enjoyed this sexual encounter, and wondering what this could lead to next. CHAPTER 6
Kelly woke up after crying herself to sleep to find herself alone in bed. The room was cleaned of all of the torn clothing and any mess made by the attack Ian made on her. She reached down in between her legs and stroked her pussy. It was very sore, but it was nothing compared to the pain in her behind. She got up out of the bed to check herself in the mirror. Her make-up and hair needed fixing, she was sweaty, and what little she wore needed a change. Kelly searched the room for her uniform and shoes, but there was nothing around. She decided to try to clean herself up a little, and moved towards the bathroom. As she went to open the door, it was opened for her, and out walked Ian. "Good morning my young Kelly, did we sleep well?, " Ian asked with a smile and a kiss on the forehead. "You gave me some workout, I too needed some rest and a shower. Did anyone tell you that you are a good fuck?" Kelly just kept her head bowed, and made her way into the bathroom. She walked into the shower bra, stockings and all, and turned on the water. Soon, warm water and soap was washing away the stains and the memory of the evening past. She took her wet undergarments and piled them outside the shower. Naked or not, she would not wear those items again. She com completed her shower, toweled her body dry, and wrapped a fresh towel around herself. Kelly opened the door, and walked back out into the room where Ian was waiting. "Come over to me, I want to see you, " Ian said with a quiet but firm tone. Slowly, Kelly came over to him, clutching the towel which covered her body. He moved her hands away, and made her drop the towel to the floor. "What beautiful breasts you have, so soft and so full. Come over closer." Kelly tried moving away, but Ian pulled her towards him, and was soon rubbing his hands over her breasts. Kelly showed no emotion, so Ian increased the rubbing motion, and then leaned over and took one of her nipples in his mouth. Ian was soon moving from nipple to nipple, sucking and biting on each, while his cock was growing and rubbing up against Kelly's body. She was biting her lip, the circling motion Ian was making around her nipples was getting her excited. After a few minutes, Ian stepped back and continued to rub Kelly's breasts. Her eyes were closed; she was trying to control her emotions. She could not see what Ian was doing, and when she opened her eyes, she found her mouth being led to the tip of Ian's cock. "Please, please, I don't like that, I do not give head, please, please... ough!" Kelly's voice was muffled as Ian's cock slid into Kelly's mouth and throat. She was not an accomplished head giver, and choked and gagged more than once. Kelly's mouth moved back and forth across Ian's shaft, and she kept her eyes closed tight. Her breasts bounced freely as she held Ian in her mouth, and more than once she tried holding them. Kelly was now running her tongue along the shaft and his balls, taking them both in her mouth. She soon took the large cock back in her mouth, and began pumping it with her mouth faster and faster. Ian thought to himself, "Pretty good for someone who does not like to give head!" She was sensing Ian may be ready to come, so she started to slow down and move away. Instead, like most men receiving head, he put his hand behind her head and held her mouth on his shaft, and pushed it deeper into her mouth. Ian was grunting and making noise, and Kelly, her eyes now opened, looked at him in fear as she continued to slide up and down the shaft. "Oh, I'm going to come, hope you swallow, oh, oh, urgh!" With this, he let loose several waves of cum, shooting it down her throat, then pulled out and shot cum all over her face and breasts. Kelly laid there, with cum dripping down her face and stomach, and started to wipe it away from her lips. She had swallowed a lot of Ian's cum, and it made her sick to think about what she had just been forced to do. Ian wiped off the remaining cum on Kelly's body, and walked away to the dressing closet to get himself ready. He had been sucked and fucked by Kelly in less than a day, so he was feeling quite good. Kelly made another trip to the shower to remove the cum from her body, and came out just as Ian was readying to leave. "Ah Kelly, so nice to see you clean and refreshed again, pity we cannot have another encounter today, but there is always tonight, or tomorrow, or whenever I want, " Ian said in a very confident tone. "But for now, I am sure they can find something or someone for you to do while I am out, goodbye!" He kissed her on the forehead, and left the room. Kelly sat there on the bed, wrapped in a towel, alone. She wondered how long she would be here before someone came to get her, use her, or something worse, if this could be imagined. A thought came to mind to make a run for it, and see how far she could get. She walked over and turned the handles on both doors, but they were locked. She was crushed, and curled up on the bed and started to cry softly. She turned down the lights, and closed her eyes, trying to forget what has been happening to her. Soon, she was fast asleep. The lock on the side door turned, and was opened. A woman came into the room, and cleaned up some of the mess made by Ian, and to clean up the bathroom. Noticing that Kelly was lying on the bed without covers or clothing, she took a blanket from the closet and covered up Kelly. Exiting the room and locking the door, the woman was met by Maddy in the hall and stopped her. "What were you doing in there?" she asked in a stern voice. "Nothing miss, I was just cleaning up as you said, I did not do anything, honest!" The woman was very frightened. "Okay, but do not let me catch you doing anything or talking to anyone unless we tell you, it is important that you remain just as we have made you. Now, go down the hall to the mistresses room, she has some duties for you to attend to." The young woman walked down the hall slowly, having some trouble walking in her heels. She was wearing a regular maid's uniform, with black stockings and headpiece. Around her neck, she wore a choker, but in the front, there was a little hook in the place of the pendant. Around each ankle, there were gold chains, and both ears held little gold hoop earrings. Walking to the end of the hall, she reached the main doors, and with a weak hand knocked on the door. The door opened automatically, and she entered, with the door closing and locking behind her. A women's voice in the corner of the room spoke out to her. "You know what you must do, get to it!" With that, the young woman went to the corner of the room and began to undress. She took off her maid's uniform, and put on a tight fitting spandex like bra and panties. Her hair, which flowed down her shoulders, was pulled tight into a bun on the top of her head. Around her ankles, she strapped two leather cuffs, which could be chained together. She did the same with her wrists. Slowly walking over to the corner of the room, she came over to the woman who called her, and kneeled down in front of her. The woman bent down, and hooked a leash to the chain around her neck. She then pulled the young woman up, had her sit on her lap, and the leashed woman put her arms around her. "That's a good little girl, you are learning to behave well, maybe soon we will have you friend join us in our "get togethers, " what do you think of this sweet little Lea, my little slut?"

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