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Sex in Pregnancy, How Safe? By Eze Ikechukwu

Sex in pregnancy is a controversial topic to discuss because of the society we live in today which is multi-cultural and multi-religious. Because of the difficulty in arriving at an acceptable conclusion, many people don't want to get involved in this topic.
Sexual intercourse which is the satisfaction of a desire arising from natural instincts is legal only within the recognized institution of marriage as ordained by God our creator. There are many fallacies surrounding this issue of sex during pregnancy. Some of them are :
*That is a taboo to sleep with a pregnant woman
*That it affects the health of the mother and the child
*That the child will not develop well
*That the child may grow up to become promiscuous
*That the mother will have a hard time during delivery
*That sexing pregnancy will reduce the flow of milk during breast feeding etc.
However, it is important to note here that pregnancy does not mean being in a diseased state . Rather, this is a period when the mother is adapting to some psychological changes in her systems to support the growth of the fetus. She ie the mother is adjusting to her environment during pregnancy. A woman that is pregnant need not abstain from sex except she was advised against such by a doctor .However, the first three months of the pregnancy is a delicate period because the baby is still in the early developmental stages, so sex within this period should be avoided. In order to have a refreshing and safe sex during pregnancy, both parties must encourage each other to "give and take" just as sex before pregnancy. The man must exercise more level of understanding and patience in order to help his wife attain and savor every moment of the fore-play and the real sexual encounter. When this is done with care and love, both parties will enjoy every moment of the game. However, repeated orgasm may be dangerous for the woman. As the pregnancy grows in size, the couple must be careful with the position and style they choose in order not to put pressure on the growing baby.
Some healthy positions that can be considered by both couples are listed below.
*The woman sitting face to face on her husband allows easy access to kissing and fondling by both partners.
*Rear entry by the man with the woman lying on her side on the bed with her legs folded.
*Entering from the back by the man with the woman's bum turned to him while she rests on all four.
*Both couple should be free and generous in fondling and caressing each other.
These are few of the many conditions that are considered safe for sex during pregnancy. But if the Doctor thinks otherwise and instructs against sex during pregnancy, the woman must comply totally. This is for her own safety and that of the unborn child because the Doctor or the Gynecologist knows better. Some of the reasons that may necessitate such an advice may be any of the following:
*When the woman is advised to observe bed rest as a result threatening abortion.
*Any woman that experiences constant miscarriage must seek Doctors advice before engaging in sex during pregnancy.
*Any woman that is over 35 years old and is getting pregnant for the first time must consult her Doctor before engaging in sex during pregnancy.
*Pregnancy after infertility treatment.
As said earlier, sexual intercourse at the early stage of the pregnancy should be avoided in order to avoid abortion and late pregnancy because virulent and dangerous organisms may be introduced. Sexual excess during the last month of the pregnancy should equally be discouraged.
Ikechukwu Eze is a pastor, motivator and inspirational speaker. He owns many successful websites among which is yourhealthandfitnessguide yourhealthandfitnessguide
Eze_Ikechukwu Eze_Ikechukwu

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