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iphone asian Master Anal Sex Quickly and Painlessly

iphone asian Master Anal Sex Quickly and Painlessly

If you're not the owner of a massive member, you might be lucky to get the whole lot in there! When you are finished, pull your tool out slowly. It's often a good idea to keep some baby wipes or similar handy - just in case. Have a shower (with your woman, of course) as soon as possible, as there may be some evil bacteria lurking about.
Finally, and this is very important if you aren't in a stable, monogamous relationship - wear a condom for goodness sake! Everyone these days is aware of the dangers of AIDS; besides, there are other infections you may pick up, especially if you have a tear or abrasion.
So, go ahead and enjoy the pleasures of anal sex, which is no longer a taboo in a free and modern society. Just be patient, considerate and observe the basics of hygiene, and you and your partner will be engaging in butt play more often. Oh yeah, guys. If you want to know what she's going through, swap roles and she can do you with a strap-on. You just might enjoy it!
Anal sex is the last sexual taboo. For many people anal sex is disgusting and dirty, but for others it is a normal part of the way two people can have diversity in their sexual experiences.
Anal intercourse has been practiced since ancient times - in fact it is sometimes referred to as Greek sex because anal was so popular in ancient Greece. In fact, "normal" vaginal intercourse was - according to legend - only employed as a means of having babies! Backdoor action was indeed the preferred way.
Of course, the man doing the penetrating of his partner's anus is in an enviable position. The degree of pain he may experience due to tightness of the sphincter is nothing compared to the potential amount of pain the receiver might feel. After all, we are talking about an erect penis going inside a small hole (the anus).
So, here are the three things you must do to ensure that the man or woman receiver does not feel unnecessary discomfort.
1. Prepare the Anus Properly
Before simply ramming the penis into the anus, some prep work is essential. And the main ingredient here is lubrication - and plenty of it! What you choose as a lubricant is up to you. But whatever you do - never go in dry, and never rely on spit to be sufficient. It might work in pornographic movies, but it will fail in real life.
Some people recommend water-based lubes. These are great because they are easier to get off. But for a really good lubricant that guarantees ease of entry and thrusting you cannot go past Vaseline. You can also get lubes with mild numbing agents to make the act less painful, and are well worth a try.
The receiver can also do the following to make for a more pleasant experience:
has a bowel motion at least half an hour prior to anal sex
has an enema if she/he cannot bear the thought of any fecal matter making an appearance
2. Take Your Time
Do not rush into anal sex. Even with the best preparation in the world, treating the receiver roughly - at least in the initial stages - can induce some very painful sensations, and may even cause them to pull out of the deal altogether.
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