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Using Controversial Myspace Pics to Get More Friend Invites

Using Controversial Myspace Pics to Get More Friend Invites

"Controversy creates cash", is a clever little credo used by public relations and marketing firms to justify controversial campaigns. But can using controversial MySpace pics get you more friend invites? Of course it can! While controversy may not necessarily generate cash, it will generate a lot of attention. I have been observing social networking websites for years and have employed many marketing tactics that have strived to leverage upon the popularity of this immense user base. During this time, I have developed several highly guarded insights towards social network marketing. One of the first and most apparent insights I developed was this; interesting MySpace pictures builds traffic. When one thinks of using MySpace pictures to generate pictures, sex inevitably comes to mind. It is no coincidence that good looking MySpace users who post pictures of themselves in various states of undress are popular in the community. That is one way of developing traffic. Sex sells. It's a simple adage that works. But sex isn't the only way to generate traffic. Graphic pictures or photos are another way to generate traffic. Human beings are curious creatures. When presented with something gruesome or graphic, there will be those who will be unable to avert their eyes. If these images are compelling or interesting enough, the viewer may even e-mail the link to his/her friends list, thus creating a viral form of evangelism marketing. The nature of the graphic content can vary greatly. Several animal rights activists are able to generate a large amount of interest in their MySpace page by displaying images of cruelty towards animals. Advocates for gun control can also generate buzz for their website by displaying photos of gun-related violence. The same can also be applied to anti-drink driving MySpace pages or anti-abortion MySpace pages. However, if you're politically agnostic, you may be wondering how to apply these techniques to your MySpace page. If you frown upon the gratuitous nature of sex or violence, then you can increase your MySpace traffic with funny pictures or photos. Some MySpace pages thrive on humor. Some MySpace users produce periodic comics. These comics are usually humorous in nature. If drawing comics isn't something you're com comfortable with, then you can take funny photos of yourself and your friends. Alternatively, you can also add funny captions to pictures. The internet is content driven monster that is difficult to master. At any given point of time, there is a seemingly infinite torrent of information that is fighting for the attention of the user. The best way to cut through all this digital clutter is by generating buzz for your website. I've spent years constructing social networking campaigns that work, and from my experience, the right message sent through the appropriate social networking channels is like a shining saber piercing the attention of consumers. MySpace pics can be more than mere tools of vanity. There are many ways to exploit the popularity of social networking websites. But the next time you feel the need to increase your website traffic, consider displaying controversial MySpace pics. If it is done correctly, it'll drive your traffic through the roof.
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