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Short Erotic Stories

These are some of the shorter erotic stories submitted to SexTails by various authors. They cover a range of topics and are not limited to a particular category or sexual preference.2520. Nun's Initiation - He placed her hand on it and she couldn’t believe it at all. She felt his crotch. His crotch. His groin. His penis. He pressed it down into his groin so that she could surely feel what he wanted to have taken care of.2518. Her Priest - That day, she wore that soft and comfy blouse. The blouse hung off her boobs rather comfortably. It allowed him the opportunity to see her as she was.2517. Nothing Compares To You - When Emily visited a club with a girl friend she did not expect to be picked up by the man of her dreams.2513. Super Hero - He wanted all of her... all of her body, including her waist and hips, and her ass as well...2512. Raven and I - I was lying down, naked. With my hand holding it, slightly, and my eyes closed, I waited for her to arrive. This time it was her turn to walk in. Yes, she was dressed. But no, she wore nothing under that long raincoat of hers. eating-her- out. Eating Her Out - The guys tongue she met at the bar that night was all the way up and into, and she emphasized the point, her pussy. Her smile widened as her eyes floated and her thoughts drifted back to that night...2510. Runners - She climbed all over my body, kissing me, rustling with me, everywhere, and as he kissed I could feel her boobs pressing firmly into my chest.2507. Desire - I slide my body onto his and lay there, feeling his heat
that familiar heat that pulses like electricity between my legs...2506. Punish Me - "Do you like the new toy?" he asked. I could taste the grin across his lips without having to see him. I knew him so well, my sweet Master. passionate. Passionate for StoneyPoint - He led me to the bed, laying me down slowly as his hands wandered between my thighs, stroking and rubbing...2502. Carpenter - He wanted to gaze into her eyes as one hand slowly reached beneath her dress and felt those silky thighs of hers...2499. Doctor Sherry Samples - Sherry’s eyes closed as she began to feel the warmth of her thighs on her fingertips. Rubbing them, lightly, it didn’t take long at all for her hand to find its way inside her pantyhose and underwear. Sherry began with her clitoris moving slowly and surely inside her pussy.2497. Raven Thoughts - Life was rather good. Lots of unadulterated sex outside of my home and sex outside was soooo much better then anything I could ever expected or experienced for that matter...2458. Female Bodybuilder - Sex with a female bodybuilder2423. Raven's Hotel Room - I turned over and felt him rubbing my ass, spanking and pinching until I squirmed.2427. The Deceptive Dream - Wanting Raven to say hi again papa. Papa - She looked into his eyes as she felt his hands on her tits. Oh, it felt good again to have her tits held like he was holding them... sex-with-wife. Evening Alone - Man has sex with his wife... Her body twisted and turned and he remained up inside her as he licked the wet and warm depths of her pussy... evening-alone. Evening Alone with Her - Husband and Wife lie down... wife- cheater. Cheaters - Wife goes to husband's boss for her sex...2445. The Witness - She felt aroused and knew what she wanted. She could feel inside herself and feel the tremendous forces growing and surging mightily. She noticed as the warm water filled the tub how she stepped closer and closer to him. There was some kind of force pushing her to be against him, but flesh to flesh, and not in some symbolic way either. She wanted his hardness, his erect cock not only rubbing and doing things, but she wanted it inside her pussy. And she wanted it now… Now, she wanted it for real...2440. My Younger Sister Is Such A Turn On - When I met my sister after 4 years, I could not have guessed in a million years how it would end up. "We talked about the family, and our failed relationships, I could really talk and listen to Rachael, I could not help but notice a glint in her eye. I don't know why, but I told her that I found her so warm and friendly that I could spend the rest of my life with her, I was very very open and told her exactly how I was feeling about her and that I could make love to her then and forever"...2432. Anal Joy 3 - Tom the older then said it was time to cum, In turn they wanked over Kate’s face until they came pushing their cocks deep into Kate’s mouth for her to swallow. By now I had come but was hard again in minutes. My turn would come later and it was great to be fucked by four great fuckers, to suck their cocks was ecstasy and to taste their load like Kate was cracking...2426. Sensual Massage Fantasy - Traveling with a co-worker and giving a sensual massage that leads to much more. "Sally's underwear was a small tight fitting white cotton that allowed me to glide over her rear and down her legs with ease. I continued to pull her legs apart slowly until I was able to slide my finger down her butt crack and feel the juice that was soaking the white cottons"...2424. Sex With a Neighbour - Normal cam chat ended up by having sex to my neighbour! "I went too open the door so she could just come in. When she came in, I met her with a kiss that was so wild that my cock pressed against her jeans. "I've never kissed before, " said Amanda, who was 16 when this happened (I was 19). "I don't believe you, you kiss like a horny master" I said to her and she smiled back"...2409. Tina and I Together - A day in the life of a man and a woman who are bonded to each other."my cock was aligned and into the entrance to her vagina. It felt familiar, welcoming my man-meat into her love tunnel! The urgency that had so strongly affected Tina was driving me now. . . We came fully together in a single motion and then, there was the primordial rhythm of good sexual intercourse"...2404. A Prisoner from the Royal Dungeon - Two brothers, medieval thieves, capture a gorgeous young prisoner from the royal dungeon and take her home for an extremely pleasurable ride. "Jeremiah, who had never made love to a woman before, who always reserved his lust before his brother's, tore of his shirt nearly smitten with desire and wrapped his arms and legs around the gleeful girl. She took him in eagerly, her nails digging into his back, as he smothered her tender skin with kisses, bites, licks, and the suctions of his mouth, now ready to devour her"...2403. Incident at Work - Doing it with step-mom at the hotel. "I close my eyes. I try and smell her from a distance. Of course, I didn’t, but that was okay. I could hear my stepmother. I heard her soft, beautiful voice two doors down. She was speaking to someone. I slowed. My dreams wanted her. I wanted her. I’m 26 now. She’s 37. My father, he’s 48. Let me put it this way. He’s in very good shape. How and why and…well how and why she wanted to hook up with him I do not know, but maybe I’m the lucky one here"...2390. First One Ever - Sex and blow jobs. Man gets his first one from employee."She didn’t say a word and followed his instructions to the tee. She wasn’t experienced like he thought she was. She didn’t know left from right when it came to sex with a man. She didn’t. She only went on what she thought was the right thing to do. So far it had been working for her. God this was good. God he was good. God, fucking his cock... it was… it was stupendous, she thought. She smiled and leaned in, allowing him to still rub her cunt, and as she did she stole a kiss from his lips. “Let’s make love” she whispered"...2385. Raven's Hotel - Moments of pleasure, foreplay, and sex. "Her eyes closed as she felt it, felt me do this womanly thing to her gorgeous pussy. I’d never done anything like it and to do it today to hers was beyond my craziest dreams. I began feeling her soft flesh. Some of it bulged, some of it hung, but none of her ever turned me off. None of her turned me off. I wanted more and more of her. I wanted to hold her, closely"...2384. Anal Joy 2 - Kate and I go one step further with a 58 year old with a large cock which we both enjoyed. "I then felt Tom’s cock teasing at my arse and Kate could see him on top of me. Wow as Tome entered my arse , it felt great and he soon started to pump me, no pain just pleasure, Kate came almost immediately but I kept using my tongue, this was great."...2383. The Lust of Two Lovers - A story about two lovers wrapped in sheets of lust. Hope my readers enjoy. "My mind exploded at the pleasure of him filling me com completely, so big it almost hurt. He wrapped his arms around me and pounded into me harder and harder his dick rubbing my spot sending me over the edge. I moaned his name as he whispered in my ear telling me to cum for him"...2382. Breathless - The day started off like any other day for Shannan. She was awakened by the soft kiss of the sunrise and the sound of the waves rolling up to her Malibu Beach Home. Her husband - like always -had already left for work early and hadn't bothered to make love to her or even kiss her before leaving. She rose from her bed and went out on the balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean - the same thoughts began to haunt her again---how had her life come to this...seemingly having everything....yet having nothing...everyday an emptiness that left her longing. She took a deep breath and stared into the Pacific horizon - the warmth of sun and sounds of the ocean intoxicated her-the warm ocean breeze briefly ran through her negligee and caressed her breasts ever so softly... 2380. Raven Moon delights - He smiled at me. The first smile I'd seen from him ever and I was shocked at how he moved me. That confident smirk, his hand cupping his dick as if he were the only man in the world. I almost laughed at his foolish chauvinistic behavior until I realized that it turned me on... so very much. 2378. Stoney Point - I emailed him, my heart racing. My fingers pounding into the keys -Third floor, left, room 309. I'll be waiting. I'll leave the door open a little - Had this been real or had it all been in my head and if it had then how could he know where I'd be before... before...2375. A Clients Daughter - Daughter meets dectective; "I lay half on and half off her body as I played with her breasts. Nice full tits. Nice full nipples emerging as we lay talking about nothing in particular. I studied her physical features. I liked her body. It was soft and delicate and it was curvy too with shoulders and breasts and her small belly, but her hips which wowed me from the back along with her rounded shapely ass and thighs threw me into a tailspin. She was crazy for me. I was crazy for her too."...2374. My Sister in Law - This is the first of many story's of how i got my Sister-In-Law in bed. "One day while I was on the road she called my Cell and told me she was so horny and that my brother wasn't giving her any. When I got there, I went in and went to her bedroom door and looked in and she was laying on the bed sleeping. I walked over and sat on the edge of her bed and she woke up, looked at me and said will you make love to me."...2373. A Teachers Pet - students bet; student wins; student and teacher sex it up. "At 18, I was ready to take my teacher on. I was ready to take a turn with her if it was even remotely possible. Was it, I asked myself. After class we were talking… us guys only… were talking all about her. The bigger chested, shapely, and young as hell teacher happened to be our teacher… the first ever good looking one in that school while I was attending it, ever."...2370. Shy Assistant - Secretary needs money; fucks boss; will do it more. "I did. She hung out beneath them. I removed her pants. Ohhhhhh, her legs… they were gorgeous too. I ran my hands down them. I pulled them up and over her sweet shapely ass. She pulled me against her. She told me to take off my jeans. I did. Me in my boxers and she in her Boyshorts were a combination made only for the heavens as we held one another and kissed, forever"...2367. Raven Moon is Here - It did not matter any more to me. I now wanted her, to meet this woman called RavenMoon. “Raven, I want you” I said as I went up in the elevator. My body shivered. I wanted her body. No, I wanted her. When I arrived on her floor I walked left as her instructions from my email stated. “Go up to the third floor. Turn left. Go to room 309. The door will be open, a little. I’ll be waiting for you. Please come...2365. Molly - Surprise meeting with old "friend" leads to an hour or so in her bed."You have to understand it been almost 30 years since we’d done it. I was 20 and she was 30 and she wanted me? Yeah, she wanted me and my body. Fuck, wow, and hot damn that woman, 30 years ago, wanted to do me. She wanted to get on top of me and fuck my brains out. And here we are once again ready to do almost the same thing. We hugged, said our hellos. We held hands. I looked around. It was a nice hotel room"...2360. Pleasing Rain - I went to sisters game to watch her referee. Meet woman. Have lunch with woman. Argue before hand. Sex later on. "I saw her ass, for the very first time. And talk about a set of curves on each side of her lower body. They each went wide, wider then I’d thought, but her whole body was long and longer then I realized. And when her hips began to splay, to curve outward, they took sharp rounded turns in both directions. I wanted to slap my hands on her hips and I wanted to squeeze them, forever"...2358. Anal Joy - Before I can have anal sex with my wife, I must experience it first!!!!!!! "She had refused anal sex at the time but laying there after a while Katie said that if I wanted to have anal sex with her, then I would have to have the same so as to feel the pleasure and understand what not to do to avoid pain. I said to her that I was not com comfortable with that and she said, well, that’s the deal"...2346. Son-in-Law’s Desire - It’s been my observation that few things excite a man more than the thought of sex with his mother-in-law. It doesn’t seem to matter whether she’s a glamour gal, with legs up to her tits and tits the size of pumpkins, or whether she’s just a plain Jane – what matters, it seems, is the taboo...2337. A Rainy Day Made Perfect - I stoop up and spun her around, right hand caressing her size 36 breasts, gently rubbing my fingers over her erect nipples. My left hand was holding her waist. I bent my knees and pushed my rock-hard penis into her soft pussy and kissed the back of her neck as I penetrated, in and out, in and out. After what seemed like a hundred strokes, I pulled out and spun her around again. We looked into each other's eyes and I plunged my dick into her vagina again...2298. Quick, Wild and Passionate. - A man and a woman meet, have quick, wild, passionate sex; then try to make a relationship work. "“Oh! I feel it! I feel it! Cum in me!, ” she cried and fell com completely limp as I continued to shoot my load deep into her. Then, it was over and we lay in the afterglow, still embracing and playing and bathed in the peace and serenity of the moment"...2288. Anna and I - This is a true story except, of course, the names have been changed to protect the lives of those involved. It's a story of wartime love and needs. It's my story, embelished slightly perhaps to reflect good memories over the years. - "Then, after dinner and clearing the table, washing dishes, etc., Anna turned to me and said simply, “I want you tonight. I need a man who can satisfy this incredible need that I have and you can do it”...2239. My Postman... - I pulled his top off, exposing his polished torso. He dropped the package on the floor as I pulled down his pants. His massive cock popped out. I gasped when I saw it, wondering how it would fit into my tiny teen hole. He laughed then, pulling off my bikini top and playing with my DD tits. He leant down and sucked them hard, making me so horny.2236. StoneyPoint obsession - I lay there, my breath catching in short silent gasps. I created images in my mind of him touching my supple flesh, my thighs, my tummy and my long legs. I moaned to myself, wishing he were writing about me. I played out scenes of passion in my head, fantasies of what he could do to me with such beautiful thoughts. In my mind I watch him sleep, touch his lips with my fingertips, lay over him, my breasts just inches from his mouth....2213. Modern Mahabharta - AMISHI does a PANCHALI. - Her mouth was at the base of his cock as she sensed he was about to explode. I noticed as Amishi suddenly moved her mouth over the head of his penis Kuntal face grimacing as he came in her waiting mouth. After he finished Kuntal said he was surprised how adept she was and she responded I did not want the cum all over, as it would be sticky for Hamid Mahamood. Next it was my turn. As Kuntal got up Amishi let me know that I was in for similar pleasures and as I laid on my size she began eating my ass...2208. Neighbours Envy, Amishi's Pride - Love thy neighbor as thy self, I'm a thirty eight year old redhead, who was pregnant and married at twenty six and now was trapped in a sexless marriage. I keep myself in good shape, workout almost every day and my thirty four C tits still stand up by themselves and my pussy always seems to be hot, wet and ready to be fucked, but to know avail. I observed men looking at my huge breasts and bulging ass.2207. Amishi's Pussy Discovers her First Dick - Are we going to just make out or is he going to fuck my brains out like I wanted him to. After about 20 minutes I heard a knock at the door. I got so nervous. He didn’t know that I was a virgin and the way I was talking to him he probably couldn’t that I was one. I hurried and answered the door2182. A Common Laborer - A story of common folks and simple values in a changing culture. Sometimes the race does not go to the swiftest or the best things to the smartest. Like the story of the Hare and the turtle, a common man succeeds. filled- holes. Amishi Experiences the Pleasue of becoming Air-Tight - HARSHAL turned to KUNTAL, HAMID and the HOT AMISHI and roared, “Babes, We Three Will Show You How a Woman gets AIR TIGHT Tonite.” Amishi was being fucked by Mouth, Pussy and Asshole at the same time, as their long shafts stoked her furnace.2140. Case of Mistaken Identity - Women, working outside the home are ofen exposed to pressures that lead to disasterous consequyences. This is the story of those women and their husbands that they abandoned.2148. The Road to Many Cocks is Paved by Amishi's Hot Pussy. - With their Cocks as hard as steel, Amishi went on her knees and wrapped her mouth around Kuntal's shaft with her tongue licking the head of the shaft and started wanking the both Hamid's and Harshal's gigantic Cocks with both her hands. Amishi's pussy was wet, swollen, and throbbing in demand. Amishi was shaking between all the men, her pleasure stealing every ounce of common sense Amishi had.
2147. The Best Sex Ever was with my Cousin - She was moaning loud and I was worried for a minute about the people in the next room but I finally said fuck em and raised up and slid in between her legs and slowly slid my cock in and started working it in and out slowly trying to enjoy it for as long as I could. Soon after, I was pounding her tight ass pussy for all it was worth...2145. She Was There When He Needed Her - Healing after a messy divorce sometimes takes on strange avenue towards mental health but none stranger than Jim's as he returned to his old self. Read on to see how he accomplished it. fucking-the-boss. Me and My Boss - Mboss always treated me different i asked him about it one day in his office and he let me know why.2138. Your Eyes - I was truly captivated by this young woman. Her every move, every word was incredibly seductive. She looked so casual in her peasant dress and flat shoes, yet she had a sexiness that was indescribable.2085. Sparkin on the Ark - She propped herself up against a fallen log, bending over with her beautiful legs apart, and I entered her and made wile and passionate love to her. park-sex. Sex in the Park at Dark - A newly married couple, get horny and have sex in a public park in a large dity one dark night. But they get a surprise visit...2080. My Step Daughter - I hugged her tight and she said, I am already pregnant, so I don't think I could hurt anything if I had sex again, I agreed with her, she kissed me again and of course I couldn't hold back, I kissed her and began to fondle her breasts, she laid back and said, "daddy I need some now" as I pulled her nightie up her tummy was so beautiful swollen and her pussy was so cute, I Stood up and removed my jeans, as I mounted her she took it slow, as we layed there screwing like husband and wife, she said that she wants me to do her anytime I want.2046. Summer of Dreams - She is a big beautiful bbw brunette. The first night I got there I had done some laundry and went in the laundry room to check on it and I stumbled upon a purple satin slip that was obviously hers….I immediately whipped out my cock and started to jerk off on it when she suddenly popped in and asked, “what the hell are you doing?” She said nothing else took the slip and walked away. The next day her husband left on a business trip and when we got home from the airport...2038. Curious Niece - After a few minutes of stroking it I heard faint footsteps sneaking toward the door when I looked in the mirror I could not see through the hole, but I did see an eyeball peeking through the hole. My niece was very developed then at least 28c tits and a great ass. I stood up off the toilet and turned toward the door so she could get a better look. She never looked away as stroked my now super rock hard cock like a madman.2026. My Boyfriends Dad - He then reached down to my vagina touching my clit and then rubbing it. I had a terrific orgasm while his cock was now getting soft in my mouth. We stayed in that position, i think not wanting to face reality, for at least five more minutes. His cock softened in my mouth so I twirled my tongue over the head of his penis, which he clearly indicated he was enjoying. 2012. A Candle Burning - At her words he gave in to his need. Pressing her forward against the window he brought his hand down on her ass in a delicious smack. Her answering wiggle and gasp had his cock twitching, but Jamie wasn't quite ready. His hand drifting down her thigh to seek admittance under her skirt. Drawing his middle finger over the damp crease of her panties before grabbing hold and ripping the scrap of lace from her body.2009. Sex in the Rain - Now sitting with my legs apart, I feel my heart pound as his fingers slide right up between my legs and his hand rests on my pussy. He starts to rub my pussy through my knickers, I look at him, “I don’t mind you doing that but inside my knickers”. His face reddens as I pull my skirt up a bit spreading my thighs wider watching his hand slip inside my knickers.2006. Me and Annabelle - I sat down on the couch and patted the cushion, gesturing her to follow suit. Slowly, I undid my towel, and exposed my naked body, and perfectly shaved pussy. I leaned over to her and kissed her gently. When she kissed me back, harder, I knew we were going to have a fun afternoon.1985. Late at Night - A late night invitation and intoxicating lovemaking - A couple more strokes and I moan as I flinch and the first cum spurts from my cock. Several spurts follow and coat the towel and my belly. When I am spent my hot cock softens in her hand. She must have got some of my cum on her hand as she wipes it on the towel and pulls over the covers.1984. Unsuspecting Wife Gets Shared - she slid her tight skirt up to just below her cute little ass. Than she reached between her legs, rubbed my crotch and unzipped my pants. I was already rock hard and ready to shoot my load as we hadn’t fucked in over a month. I could tell by the way she was grabbing at my cock, trying to sit on it and the way her body was already quivering, that she was starting to cum herself from being so horny from the lack of fucking for the past month, and the excitement of being out in the open.1974. My Wife's First Dildo Experience - This story is about the time I surprised my unsuspecting wife of nearly 30 years with the use of a dildo during oral sex and her reaction. This got her so excited that she started to masturbate. It’s something she does when we’re fucking when she gets really horny and I hadn’t touch her pussy yet. I always enjoy when she starts masturbating during sex.1948. Triple Fantasies again - She was all over him, kissing his plump upper body ardently and feverishly. God, he could not believe it. Before it was realized he was hard…in his dream and in real life. God she was beautiful. Nothing to hide here. He wanted her and he had her. Slim short legs, a cute maturing ass, and a picture perfect slender upper body with nicely proportioned breasts. She was his. He was hers. And they cuddled and kissed each others lovely flesh all through the night. No, no sex, but it was good fun romance and she made him hard. She made him horny. And he’d be looking for her the next day. Would she do the same? Probably not, he figured. But what the heck. It was a great dream and all three had fantasies being fulfilled in their sleep.1947. Party Suprise - My wife Gemma often shares with me when she fancies a bloke either on the TV or in real life. For ages she has told me how she has a crush on a young bloke working as a student at our local supermarket. She often searches out Josh when we shop but won’t say much to him because she blushes hugely and gets flustered1938. Her twin - She loved how he held her. She knew he didn’t know. She knew he barely could tell. She knew he had always had trouble distinguishing the two of them side by side, but she liked him and always had. In fact, unbeknownst to her sister, she’d had multiple fantasies about him and her. Maybe today was that day. To fuck her sister’s husband would he be willing to fuck her? The question was does he like her enough to fuck her?1919. Date With Bill - I held his cock in my mouth, until he stopped jerking, then in a show of exhibitionism I opened my mouth showing his hot gloopy cum, before throwing my head back letting it slide over my tongue and down my throat, swallowing before opening my mouth for him to see it was all gone.1918. I Love the Strokes - A woman's boyfriend shows her how erotic it can be for her to see him pleasure himself...Riding him with such fury, I dug my nails into his chest. A few more minutes of playing horny cowgirl and I was cumming. My pussy tightened around his rock-hard unit and an orgasm tore through me. A loud cry of pleasure escaped my mouth and my body felt its release.
Freddy used his strength to lift me off of his cock as he burst, sending a splash of warm cum onto his chest.
1906. The Second Interview - After having a hot first interview, I made my way to the second interview with the Vice President.1892. Erotic One Night Stand - A young man meets a beautiful women along the way and entices her into his house for the the night. My thrust began to become deeper and deeper and faster and faster. Then as if synchronizing, looking each other in the eyes as my cock was convulsing and her abdominal muscles tightening as great amounts of force rushing through our bodies in waves.1887. If her boyfriend knew... - My best friend gave me a blow job for my 19th birthday while she was texting her boyfriend.1871. My Slutty Friend - Brianna tells Jessica to speak to Dwayne for her. Jessica ends up having sex with Dwayne and betraying her friend.1852. Lust With Love Is The Greatest Thrill Of Them All - This is a short erotic story, which tells the erotic actions a young couple endeavour when their sexual urges can not hold the back anymore! 1849. Chasing Cars - More pleased than annoyed for stopping in the middle of nowhere, I understood what he was driving at when his hands reached under my shirt. I gasped when his cold fingers touched my chest. He rubbed the small of my back, moving lower to graze my ass along the outline of my underwear.1839. Picnic In The Park - He moved my hand onto the crotch of his pants, I could feel the outline of his throbbing member inside. I loosen his belt and undo his pants to expose his hard cock. I rub my hand over it, cupping his balls and circling and tickling the head of his cock with my finger.1836. Erins Confession - A hairdresser turns on a customer. They become fast friends. He turns her on. She finds his address. Writes letter disclosing what she did that evening after she cut his hair.1835. Emma - He had asked her to wear stockings, but the hold ups were all she had she kept feeling that they were going to fall down, and kept trying to pull them up to make sure the top’s were not shown off by the shortness of her skirt, that barely covered them.1816. Fucking after English Class - This story is about a fantasizing teenage boy, with nothing but dreams about having rough sex with his english teacher Ms.Davees, at least they were just dreams until today.1803. Confused - We had a black dildo at one time, she would fuck herself with it until there was creamy white cum on it, taking most of it into her.1802. Finger Licking Good - I rub her clit until she starts to squirm around. I slide her panties off of her, leaving her compleatly exsposed in the brightly lit room. She is still slightly drunk from the night before. I work my fingers into her tight, wet cunt, she spreads her legs nice and wide for me. papia. Papia - I lifted my head and then I penetrated my middle finger into her vagina, its so warm and slippery that it went deep into her cunt without any problem. I moved my finger back and forward very fast, at this she moved her hip up and down . she can’t hold her orgasm any more and all on a sudden her cum came out on my finger...1768. Dennis Domain - Dennis lives in a world surrounded by pretty women only these women with their hard bodies and shapely pert tits are only dolls there to fulfill his fantasies. Neighbor woman comes by while he's in tub with his girls and Dennis receives a nuch more alluring proposition from her.1765. The Laundry Girl - The Laundry Girl and I Had fun last summer! This story is 100% True.1728. Why Should the Husbands Always Have All the FUN - Suresh's arms were touching my BIG BOOBS, I could feel an current pass through my Hard NIPPLES, I cupped Suresh's bare thigh and could feel his his long, black cock, hanging down along his thigh in his shorts.1715. Its been a while - I settle into the seat, enjoying the ride and your company. You, however, have other ideas. You take your hand and immediately shove it down my pants, knowing all too well I am going to be drenched already from the want I have for you.1710. The strange case of the tango dancer woman - An enigmatig, mysterious and sexy story. Enjoy the sensual melancholy of the tango atmosphere. Thomas Miller is brazillian, but leaves in Buenos Aires. This story is his première writing in English.1702. The mother and daughter - I always had 20 minutes home alone after school. I used this time wisely and would masturbate using my moms vibrators, the back massager, my dogs tongue, or fingering. One thing that really turned me on when masturbating was fantazing that my mom would be giving me oral or fingering me.1696. Sweet Dreams - Part 1 - “You’re wet.” He whispered as he slid his finger down between my lips, barely touching my clit. His eyes looked up at me through my breast and I saw his eyes. He moved his mouth closer to my pussy and not matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop his next move—not that I really wanted him to stop. The first time he touched his tongue to my body it wasn’t were I thought it would be, it was in the crease between my leg and my pussy and it felt so good.1681. The Walk - stoney loves writing bbw stories. This is another one of his - Talking a woman into an orgasm is the tits he told himself, pure and simple… the tits. Yessirree Bob George… I’d do her, I’d covet her sumptuous thick jelly like rolls and curves, and I’d… I’d… ohhhhhhh if only I could figure out a way. Plus she’d have to be willing too and I’m sure she wouldn’t be.1672. Best Birthday Ever - This is actually one of my Fantasies about getting hot and heavy on the dance floor, then going off to a quiet location for some action, getting caught by another woman thet then joins in before getting busted by the bouncers and getting kicked out.1644. My Midnight Lover - I jump in my car and head to my sexy lovers house, I get there about midnight and I just want to jump on him. He is just so fucking sexy, but he wants to watch a movie and talk...1619. Romance Returns - Chris has been away for what seems like a lifetime to Sally. He returns much to the pleasure and surprise of her. An english story that translates all over the world. 1618. Shes the Best - Deep into the country lanes I pulled over and we talked then started to kiss, her hands on my face and neck were making me so hot, already I was rigid as steel and my cock was fighting to get out. My hands started to explore her body cupping her firm tits and running my hand up her legs. I suggested we find somewhere a little bit more of track, so I drove until I found a little clearing to the side of the road and pulled into it.1616. Christmas Promise - Guy wakes up on floor from a Christmas Eve party and girl is there too, but changing and humming as he wakes up. Flirtatious, she invites him to lay with her on the bed in the room. He jumps at it thinking sex is involved. There is but not on Christmas day. 1612. Late Christmas GIfts - Robin wore holiday underwear. Cute, it was a mixture of Reds and Greens. Renee’s eyes bobbles between them. Flat tummy, compact breasts like her figure, they were inviting for some reason. I’ve never done this before, Renee thought. She twitched. Robin noticed it. She smiled. 1597. Cock-tail Party - She knelt down in front of him and took his cock into her mouth, licking and sucking until it had become hard in her hand. Her own excitement at what was to follow for him generated a warm flow of her juices, misting the silky panties she wore under her party shift. roommate-email. Roommates Email - I watched the sexy trim body fucking herself for me making me hornier and hornier by the second. Her sexy tight ass rose up even further and I told myself I wanted to bite that ass so fucking hard I’d cum again and again. 1573. The Trip up North - I was asked to help get some furniture up north by my step daughter, it turned out to be a lot more fun than I had imagined. 1572. Electricians - Waiting for electrician, mature discovers its her lover and buddy and she gets a load all the way around.1569. Lust in Bombay Hotel - I held her boobs and squeezed them, her large size allowed me to join her nipples together as if they were one and started I sucking both her nipples at ones. She loved this as no one had ever done this to her. Then I kept on changing from one nipple to another sucking her boobs till they were really red and swollen. 1564. A Night of Passion - They tumbled onto the bed, and he stopped kissing her so that he could unbutton her jeans and pull them off. She did the same to him, and he proceeded to undo her bra. He tossed it aside, and pulled her panties away too. She flipped him over so that she could be in control, and she took off his boxers and threw them to the side. creampie. Creampie - This story happened a few months ago. I am hungover and ache and go into work. I end up having sex with with a guy and experience my first creampie. 1491. Sleeping Walking Barbara - My sister & I had divorced parents at an early age. I was 5 & Connie was 2 when mom caught dad cheating on her with a woman he worked with. After a long nasty divorce, the settlement was spilt custody. I went with dad while Connie stayed with our mom. 1486. Karen - I kept watching her as she took every opportunity to show her sexy outfit to me, hovering around my desk...asking me questions, removing files from the cabinet near my desk. 1482. Professors Job - She acted as if nothing happened as she approached him and she casually sat on him, her legs spread apart, one thigh bent back on one side; the other bent back on the other side. 1470. Mature Women - You may, at some time, have read a story here that I wrote under the authorship of Olde Matelot. It was a true story of how I shagged two mature married women when I was serving in the Mediterranean. I was only eighteen going on twenty when this occurred and it obviously gave me a taste for older women.1468. A Drive Home - You like the fact that she has on a skirt and you just happened to have found out that she has no panties on. You continue to play with her thigh and her clit as best as you can seeing that she is driving. 1467. Teachers Pet. - After that first day I found that girls wanted to be with me so I decided I would bring in a merit prize. This was based on the girls' performance on the court and the prize was to shower with me.1452. Day at the Barn - I never took my eyes off of his, he could see the lust crossing them, the longing for his touch across my skin, for his breath against my skin, my cunt aching, my juices soaking the pink cotton panties beneath my denim jeans, the sweat beading down my spine as I felt the temperature rise from within me... 1451. Day at the Bar - Part 2 - His cock sliding over my g-spot with every thrust, my moans beginning to fill the barn. 1425. Hot Summer - I walk out onto my balcony on Saturday morning and look down at your yard as I often do, I notice you sitting by the pool on your own in your boardies, looking as hot and delictable as ever. I often wondered if you notice me or think the same way about me. 1418. Too Drunk to Remember - Mean time, Heather had stripped and was heading for that cock, she took it into her mouth, sucked him hard, I was looking at her tight ass and her bald pussy, she was sucking him really well, she got him hard, stood up, almost fell on him getting into bed, raised up, straddled him and slid right down atop him. 1417. The Delivery - I work for a pizza parlor in my little town to earn extra money to fix up an old car that I bought, I love to restore them. I took the order and then headed off to deliver it. 1357. My Neighbour - She had obviously noticed that I had a rampant erection. I stripped quickly and got on the bed, she spread her legs wide, her fanny snicked open too. 1355. Sex Thoughts - Home alone again and horny as hell, I don’t know what is wrong with me but I just can’t seem to stop thinking about sex. 1347. Paradise - A sexy love story about a man and the woman that he yearns for. 1336. Cool Cool Drive in - Raj and friends all... completed their exams and now prepared to spend holidays and for future they moved to hyderabad and then their journey like this.... 1335. My Moms House - I would like to share with you something that happened to me recently, I still can’t believe it happen but at the time I really enjoyed it and I’d never done anything like it before, and never will again I guess. 1325. A Chance Encounter - She pulled my briefs down and wrapping her fingers round the shaft began working her hand up and down. She became wet very quickly, 'I've been hoping for a chance like this ever since you arrived, ' she panted. 1318. Charleys Opportunity - Boy grows up. Seen by female doctors all his life. Boy is a big kid, but grows up and adored by certain physicians who love supple big handsome men with abnormal pectorals- soft tissuey pectorals that doctors admire and adore. 1313. The Artist - She had small pink nipples that drove me crazy. Then she through on her sports bra, athletic shorts and a black T-shirt. 1308. My Sons Friend - I said Wayne your too young and it isnt right. What would people think. he moved closer saying who cares what they think. he had his boner in between my legs against my vagina. 1303. Our Trip Overseas - We got back to our hotel room a nice mini suite she got undressed and wanted sex. We played some and we decided to get room service for a late night snack.1285. My Teacher and I - Part 1 - You sat on the couch and you told me to bend doggie style before your feet with my ass in front of told me to start playing with my pussy, to make it nice and wet so you can use my pussy juice for my asshole. 1281. Afternoon Delight - I walked up to him and kissed the corner of his mouth. I ran my tongue along his bottom lip before he took my breath away in a deep, sensual kiss. As we separated for a few brief moments I relished in the way his kiss tasted of mint and inhaled his intoxicating scent. 1272. While the Cats Away - Michelle had a very perky set of C breasts and had a habit of showing a bit of cleavage. But her best asset was that ass. It was rounded and perfect size. I bulged in my pants whenever my eyes lingered upon it for too long. 1268. An Amazing Sexual Encounter - For a while me and my husband have been talking about how to inprove our sex life. we had been having sex in the park, the car, bathroom at friends houses and a number of other places. although the sex was amazing and everytime it just got better we still wanted something more. 1252. My Best School Year - so, it was towards the end of my senior year I was 18 and ready to explore life. I was known for being slutty and I loved it. I have experienced a lot with sex. I have done things that most girls wouldn't. The story I'm going to tell you is gonna make 'you' wanna fuck me. 1213. Our First Meeting - It's been a while since we met on the Internet and became friends.. Lately though we have been closer than we intended... 1183. Studying Tips - The teacher leaves the room locked and the students make a new kind of study session. 1178. End of Exams - I brought my cock out and teased her with it. I just rubbed against the pussy, up and down, and she was moaning and groaning with frustration. 1171. Sleepover - Me and a couple of friends decided to have a sleepover so we did and the host was my friend Veronica..... 1168. The Fotog - Little did she realize that her photo session would result in more exposure than she could have imagined. 1167. Mens Night Club - I worked at the men's club in town. Guys would come in and see naked girls. Of course there were private rooms in the back. My job was a part-time lap-dancer and part-time naked girl. 1159. Final Exam - What started out as a make up test turns horny as one school girl discovers what the teachers really do after school. 1154. After Prom Party - The atmosphere of prom combined with the alcohol from the after party can make people very bold. Two of these grads in particular--an average joe fun guy and hot dancer--see how bold you can get! 1158. Fantasy Play - Haritha grunting and slurping of pandu cock drove in and out of mouth.1144. Annes Horrible Deed - This is my first attempt at writing from a woman’s point of view. Perhaps I’m just not sufficiently attuned to the female psyche and this would be better unwritten but since I write primarily for my pleasure, here it is. . . 1141. Forbidden - It was a summer that I will never forget. It was summer '07, When I met him. He was everything I had ever dreamed of in a man. But there was one problem he was dating my friend... 1121. Kellys mom Kathy - Kelly's mom Kathy tell's Mike she finds him sexy...before he knows it he's watching pporn with her.1105. Stranger - She knew she shouldn't be there, he was a stranger, why should she accept his invite to his room? However she was intregued by this tall, blue eyed, muscular man. As she walked into his appartment she noticed all the books, and thought he was not the type of man to take advantage of a lost woman. 1099. The woman next door part 2 - Due to Natasha working a week of nights Shaun did not get to repeat the quick fuck that had happened while Natasha was cleaning the car, so he had to come up with another plan to get his tongue exploring her tight moist fanny. 1097. The Woman Next Door - Shaun was a electrical engineer by trade but also built computers from scratch as a hobby, He was 41 years old and liked to work out at the gym which he had built in his double garage at the end of the garden. 1091. Truck Stop Fuck - I reached the pavement with one foot and one of the drivers noticed that I didn’t have my panties on. He said he wanted to eat my snatch until he reached my heart from the inside. That gross bastard! I slapped my ass and said “It’s all mine and you can’t have any”.1081. My Sex Life - Mike and I have always enjoyed a wonderful sex life. When we first met in college, it was normal for us to have sex two to three times a day -- every day. After marriage, children, and life "happened", sex slowed down to what we thought was a more normal, grown up pace. 1089. My Bus Ride - It had been a long day at work, one of those days that you are so glad when its finally over. I recently started to take the commuter bus to work and on days like this I was glad for it. 1066. Young Love - The feelings were gone, but the attracted was still so strong, trying to be 'friends' will prove harder than i thought. 1065. Trapped - The door of the elevator shut and he hit the emergency stop button in the elevator. Panic, that’s all I could feel. I knew he was going to rob me and possibly rape me. He stepped towards me and my natural reaction was to step back myself. 1053. Naughty Nurse - I grab on to her reddish brown hair and start fucking her in her mouth. Her mouth was so tight and wet you would have thought you was fucking a virgin.1052. Sex Books, and more Sex - Jordan had always had a good relationship with his schools Liberian, well he would he was in all of her clubs and was her best student Liberian. But his life at school was about to change! 1031. Play Rough - After teasing him for several minutes she leaned down and kissed him softly at first, then so rough she felt his teeth against hers. His hands rubbed up and down her back then grabbed and massaged her ass and she started to kiss his neck. As she kissed his neck her hands explored his chest, rubbing over his tight body in and out of his shirt.1007. Hot Mechanic - I have always had a thing for the younger man and I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by. He was oiled up and greasy like every mechanic should be, the way he moved hands over the machinery made my body tremble in anticipation. 976. Her Admirer - She wore stockings, thigh highs, they made her feel sexy and a little dirty. She'd been wearing a skirt all day and when she crossed her legs her bare thighs were visible to anyone who looked her way. 971. Milking the Love - As I undone Richards gown his penis jumped out to meet me. I com completely removed the gown and as Richard got in position I gently moved his legs apart to allow the air to circulate nicely around his freely hanging dick. Empires. Empires - A galactic fantasy tale, of power, and what some people do with power.(sorry for the long intro, but im trying to set the scene, lol, it will hopefully become a series i will right, any comments or anything welcome) 955. Sexy Story - Since college time when I was a medical student many of my female colleagues wanted me to have sexy terms with them because of my charming personality. gf-blowjob. Girlfriend Blowjob - She let go off my balls, placed her hands on the bed on both sides of hips, and then she leaned forward for the optimal blowjob bobbing position. And then she let me have it. Her head starting moving back and forth faster and faster.912. Trouble in Catholic School - A girl at a catholic school losers her assignment. Her sadistic teacher has a special punishment for her. This doesnt result in what he expects. 909. Stroll - My hand drifts down to your breast, a shock passes through you, as I feel the already hard nipple. I spend a few extra moments feeling its hardness, sending tingles right down to your pussy. 907. Dirty Language - She reached into her panties, "Damnit, it feels like there are crumbs or something in there..." I huffed, "Crumbs, you sure it isn't just your crabs?" I asked pulling of my underwear and exposing my beaver. She pulled her hand out, and her panties fell down. I stared in disbelief at a sagging pink cock. I screamed and covered my pussy. 906. Sounds - She leans forward and with the tip of her tongue licks the underside of my head whilst continuing to stroke my shaft. She takes my head into her mouth covering it with saliva the using it as lubrication begins a circular up and down motion on my head. 902. Me and my Best Friend - She said, "Sometimes my husband just leaves me wanting more." I said, "What are you suggesting? Then she leaned over and ran her hand under my shirt to rub my tit. 895. Bevs Tent - She grabbed my arms and pulled me into a kiss again. I loosened under the pressure of her chest. Her hands grasped my pussy. I sucked in a cold breath at the sudden pleasure. She rubbed my pussy, snaking her hand into my panties. . . 888. True Sex Story - I noticed Sarah was sitting with her legs spread wide and I could see her knickers, she looked in my direction smiled and spreading her legs and skirt wider made it obvious what she was doing, my cock twiched and begain to stiffen. 886. Horney School day - James Harrison was never good at Geography and he only wanted a normal school day but he ended up getting more.. a lot more... 885. Office Sex - As he slid back and forth in her, he heard her light breathing turn into rapid panting followed by loud moans. He himself could hear his own rapid breathing and moans. He started picking up pace and felt his pulse racing. He also had the chance to look at her body as he was fucking her. 871. At Work - I slipped my tits back into my bra and I had just finished zipping up my jeans when the lights flickered and came back on.826. Father Step Daughter Day - After Dreaming of his step daughter for years Micheal finally gets a chance to be with this woman. With no care in the world about his wife he records every second of their fuck fest and she loves every single second of her big daddy cock. 770. My Cousins Party - After a night of drinking on my sisters birthday, Me, my cousin (Dil) and his friend Joe were left. Dil was very drunk in the kitchen and me and Joe was messing about with my phone in the front room. I noticed he kept trying to get me to lean over him, my boobs on show with my lowcut top. he sat next to me and shut my phone as I was texting.768. New Years Eve Surprise - Problem was when he arrived at the room supposedly reserved by her, he looked at the card which read 835 and stood in front of a door reading 836. “835... this must be her room” he told himself in a drunken slur. “Well I guess I’ll sit here until she comes up and when she knocks... I’ll let her in. We’ll have some great fun. truckersex. George the Black Trucker - When I arrived at the motel I usually stay at just north of Indianapolis on I-65, it was snowing and the road was so slippery I was glad to park my rig and get off the road. I was looking forward also to having a good fuck with Milly, the motel's night manager.756. School Skipping Fuck - "What are you doing here?! Aren't you supposed to be at school? And what are you doing to yourself you naughty little girl?" his voice was playful and I smirked "well Brian, you may be 3 years older than me but you have school too, and I believe you know damn well what I'm doing!" 755. Fantastic Party - I have had the hots for you for a long time, but have never been bold enough to tell you, I have fantasised many times about being with you. Suddenly, at a party, I find myself locked in the bathroom with you. bi-sexual- clara. Clara and her bisexual experience - In the kitchen they stood wrapped up arm in arm, lips fervently applied to the others and noisily and passionately going at one another. I’m like what the fuck is going on? But I didn’t say a word. How could I? It was freakin erotic as hell. My girlfriend and my client’s daughter who both were wearing this spaghetti strap tops looked delicious and sexier then ever as each entangled themselves around the other. 3hrsandcostoffuel. Three Hours and The Cost Of Fuel - Jeff and Erin reach a mutually satisfying agreement about how to celebrate their anniversary. 705. After School - Coming around the desk so I am standing in front of you. Two words come out of your mouth as you unzip your pants and pull out your cock. Suck it! I get down on my knees and take your semi erect cock into my hands. Looking at you I lean forward and lick the length of your shaft before taking it into my mouth. 694. Influence - I got to look all I wanted but no touching, no kissing, just looking. She had thick heavy legs that were still well shaped. Her tits were firm and conical. She had a small belly roll and her pussy was just getting a few fine hairs over the tight slit.693. Jane - Jane felt scared and self-conscious as she performed her long-time fantasy in front of the man tied and gagged to the chair. It's one thing to enjoy ones own secret fantasy life but to do it for real was an entirely different matter all together. dreamlover. Dream Lover - On the night in question I was fast asleep when the dream started. Have you ever had one so real that you would swear it all was real? Well this one was like that. As I had never married I often had erotic dreams and some of them were quite detailed.688. Sex with the pizza delivery man - I ran to the door and opened it to find the pizza kid who was also quite wet. I told him to come in out of the rain. When he stepped into the light of the hall, I was very happily surprised. He was about 6 feet tall, dark hair, brown eyes, very good looking, young but "old enough." masada. Bible Stories - Masada - The two removed their robes and held each other. Sara was drawing strength from his quiet acceptance of their fates. She had closed her eyes and just lay with her head on his chest. Then the knife he had hidden slid into her chest and pierced her heart. basketball-star. Midnight Study Session with Basketball Star - I study session in a classroom late one night turns into another anatomy lesson. Chudai. Raat Ki Chudai - Rabia had two sisters. Both were gorgeous young ladies. Tall, very fair, slim, hazel eyes, sharp features, with round tits and a body to die for. One year after my marriage my father-in-law had a heart stroke in karachi , and passed way. Rabia decided to bring over both her sisters to live with us.592. Rising in the Elevator - A tired man, a hot humid tropical hotel bar, a mysteriously detached woman, and a hot richly appointed elevator come together. bus_stop_1. The Bus Stop - Waiting for the evening bus , this man and woman sat next to me and he put my hand on her leg. She was wearing a very short skirt that did not cover up much when she was standing so sitting down and it covered nothing. Any way I started to move my hand up and down her leg from her knee up to the hem of her skirt. 565. Strangers on a Train - Man on a train fucks a stranger - She was very wet and I pushed my cock up her until I felt her maidenhead, she went 'Ow, ' and pulling my cock back I suddenly rammed it back up her, I felt her hymen go and my cock slid right up her. Jo_Jo. I am Ready - My name is Jo Jo and last night I picked up this guy in the bar at my hotel looking for some good fucking and sucking, but it wasn't meant to be. He had a bit to much to drink but I have to say that he tried his best. 550. Finding out - Part one. - Young girl finding out about her developing body and experiencing sex for the first time. 541. Two Married Women and I - I couldn't help noticing that Bessie's knickers had somehow got pulled to one side and she was showing a lot of dark hair and what might have been a lip of her fanny. Before I could get a hard- on that was threatening I went back to my position saying that I would see them later. 544. Two Married Women And I - Part 2 - What Bessie told her friend and what it led to. I continued to shag Bessie, on average once a week but sometimes more. Of course Frank and Bessie had quite a few friends, many of whom I met regularly, one of them was a woman I shall call Daisy. goodhead. Good Head? You Decide guys - I start near your feet blowing hot air through your trousers slooooooowly working my way up your left leg, long hot breaths, warm air circulating under the material making you skin come alive. 536. The Insurance Man - My name is Lynne, I am a fifty year old married woman and the other day I did something that I would never have dreamed of doing. cockhungrywife. Cock Hungry Wife - I am now an old man but this story took place when I was fifty years old and my wife, Diane, was thirty-five. I knew my wife liked a variety of cock when I married her and saw no reason why she should be any different afterwards... suckhole. Suck Hole - 18 year old Shannon was having the time of her life. Dancing at the party in a club had erased all the stress from her mind away. She didn’t mind when men casually touched her bum or her 32b breasts. In fact, she even liked the attention. cocksuckers. The Cock Suckers - Peter had been sure that never in his life would he find a cocksucker to compare with Lauren Rogers, but much to his delight, the delicate little blonde with the smart mouth was every bit the equal of her older counterpart, and in some ways she was even better. sexy-wife. My Sexy Wife - After a few minutes she told me to get on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed. As soon as I did that she slipped a second finger in my hole she got down on the floor. doctors-exam. The Doctors Exam - Nurse Boyd was in another world, that of an older woman who has the luxury of having a hard young penis to do with as she pleases, that being to use it in her warm vagina, or use it as a pacifier and suck it until it sends it’s hot seed into her waiting mouth! making-babies. Making Babies - Scooping his wife up in his powerful arms, Hank carried her up the stairs to their bedroom, where he lay her back on the bed and started taking off his suit. He stared down at Apie with a mixture of love and lust in his eyes, this small delicate flower with the long dark hair and sweet smile, and the eyes, my god the eyes, his heart always skipped a beat when he looked into the brown doe eyes of his beautiful bride! the-plumber. The Plumber - At twenty five he had a well chiseled muscular body that made her pussy cream! When he got down to his jockeys she told him to stop. “I want to open it myself, ” she said! He walked over to where she was sitting so she could get her hands on her prize. 486. Home Work - As my hand moves down over my shoulders, I spread my fingers and trace light patterns, moving lower, till my hand comes to rest on my left breast, and I massage until the nipple is hard in my palm. I sigh, open my eyes, and am startled when I notice you watching me with an intensity that bespeaks your own excitement. hotandspicy. Hot and Spicy - We'd engaged in alot of flirting and teasing, with enough innuendo to start a couple of small loin fires. We had kissed hotly in the car, and I was dying to devour this woman. hot-woman. The Hot Woman - We couldn't all fit into the front seat of Hank's car, so Melinda and I sat in the back. As she sat down, her skirt rode up, exposing her creamy thighs. As the car went over the bumpy road, her beautiful tits jiggled. She saw the look on my face and smiled. 463. Around the Corner - I arrived at the place a while later and it was pretty busy. The dim lights accentuated the bar's atmosphere and the crowd of people talked and laughed over loud music.462. Winter - We got stuck just inside the doors as everyone wanted to shake my hand or give me a kiss - several women offered more than that right there. The company was very happy with me. encounter. A Brief Encounter - Then I realized that she was not looking at my face, but at a lower part of my body. She was still smiling, but differently, with secret amusement. I followed her eyes down my body and... oh, dear me! citypark. Our City Park - We had been fucking for about a minute when all of a sudden I hear twigs cracking next to me and her eyes got as big as dinner plates. TransSecretary. Trans Secretary - He quickly complied with her request and Monica moved up behind him and pressed the big head of her pecker against his straining rectum. the_sex_toy. The Sex Toy - She is gasping and moaning as another climax builds. She pushes back fucking you harder as her cum flows out again. This enflames you more and you no longer can hold back. Your cock swells massively and you begin to shoot your hot cream, filling her cunt com completely. panty_fetish. Panty Fetish - I returned downstairs but I was extremely horny so I told my friends i had to go back to the bathroom. When i got in there I pulled out the panties and started to jack off. I sniffed the panties and rubbed them on my cock. Finally i came and i shot my load in the panties. ShowerTime. Shower Time - Dell stood up and started to leave, mumbling something about getting her a towel, but she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back to her while saying in a husky voice, "Not so fast deputy, it's been three months since I've had a cock, and I can't think of a better Christmas present than this!" At that moment Dell couldn't really tell who was in charge, because his hard prick was buried in the throat of the hot little cocksucker! 342. Long Island Ice Tea - We planned to go to a motel bar and drink some, Na Loves Long Island Ice Tea drinks. She drank about 5 and whispered in my ear that she was horny and wanted to fuck. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law - At first I felt a little awkward dancing slow, but then feeling her breasts pressed against my chest and her pussy ever so lightly grinding against my cock was more than I could handle. phone_sex. Phone Sex for Two - She put her warm mouth around the head of his dick, swirling her tongue around. 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