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Kate Beckinsale Article

Coitus Interruptus - Taking the Joy Out of Sex By Heather Kendall

The most cruel and inhumane thing a man can do to a woman is to withdraw his penis from her vagina, abruptly interrupting intercourse, before she is sexually satisfied.
Unfortunately, billions of consenting couples across the world have been using coitus interruptus as their primary method of birth control for thousands of years.
Not only is this a crime against women, but it is also torture for the man as well. Coitus interruptus literally means to "interrupt intercourse".
If you interrupt sexual intercourse before both sex partners are satisfied, you run the risk of long-tem psychological trauma.
How can a man or a woman possibly enjoy sex to the fullest if they are both concerned about making sure that the man "remembers to pull out in time". But in the throes of sexual passion, when the man's penis is lustfully throbbing and he is thrusting rapidly in and out of the woman, taking delight in the waves of pleasure he not only feels on his penis but permeating his entire body, then how can you expect him to enjoy sex if he must stop right in the middle of the action, just when he getting to the climax!
If he does manage to perform coitus interruptus, and pull out in time, he will have a lot of stress and tension on his mind: Making sure no sperm leaks into the woman's vagina and taking care not to make a mess while shooting his sperm (it's not uncommon for a man to be able to shoot his sperm as far as six feet in front of him while ejaculating).
He will be too focused on coitus interruptus to enjoy the pleasures of the moment. Instead of focusing on the sensations of orgasm he will be distracted by the task at hand.
Likewise, for the woman, having sexual intercourse with the foreknowledge of impending coitus interruptus can be extremely distracting and worrisome. If he fails to pull out in time, she may get pregnant. So should she remind him to pull out? Should she make sure to move her body away to stay clear of the penis before he pulls out? If she has this on her mind, how can she concentrate on sex? If she's not concentrating on sex, she's not going to have an orgasm. The man may be thrusting in and out of her like a wild stallion, but if she is unable to freely cast off her inhibitions and truly get into the lovemaking experience, because her thoughts are on making sure he doesn't ejaculate into her, then she's not going to enjoy sex either.
Do this for prolonged periods of time, and you can suffer psychological trauma due to an unfulfilled sex life.
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Heather_Kendall Heather_Kendall

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