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Kate Beckinsale Article

Five Ways to Increase Your Libido and Enjoy More Sex By Tristan Bailey

If you are worried that you are losing your sex drive and are having intercourse less often you may be able to do something about it and change your current situation. With the pressures of modern day life, its no wonder that so many couples lose the affection they once had for each other and feel they no longer need to have sex that often.
An active and healthy sex life can have both physical and emotional benefits which have a major impact on your overall well being and self satisfaction. But when you take each other's presence for granted, the love and affection in your relationship quickly disappears and so does your sex life. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can boost your libido and start enjoying more sex with your partner.
Here are a few ways to increase your sex drive:
1. Be more affectionate. Having more physical contact with your partner will help to increase the desire you have for each another. Simply touching, caressing, and kissing your partner more often will help to improve your sex drive.
2. Take care of yourself. If you take care of your own body you will feel much better about yourself and your partner will be more attracted to you. Exercising on a regular basis is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy.
3. Change your medication. Certain medications that are used to treat problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease can cause erectile dysfunction and diminished sex drive. This can be avoided by changing the brand, dose, or timing of your medication.
4. Stop smoking tobacco. Smoking slows down your blood flow and causes fat deposits which can narrow and block the blood vessels in your penis. If not enough blood can enter the penis it will be hard to achieve a satisfactory erection.
5. Have regular sex. Having sex on a regular basis increases the production of testosterone which is the hormone that is mainly responsible for libido in both men and women. The more sex you have, the higher your sex drive will be.
In many cases, a few simple changes can have a major impact on your current sex life with your partner and you can start to enjoy having intercourse on a regular basis again. Its important never to take your partner for granted and you should always be affectionate whenever possible. This will result in more intimacy and love for one another as well as more sex.
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Tristan_Bailey Tristan_Bailey

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