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Real Sexuality is Not About Sex By Chandra Alexander

When we talk of sexuality we are not talking about explicit sex, either in word or deed. Rather we are referring to a gut feeling that bypasses the mind and body parts and stimulates all the senses.
Have you ever noticed the lack of self-consciousness and the confidence that someone really sexual exudes?
That's because real sexuality has nothing to do with thinking; it has to do with being-being alive, feeling connected to an inner core. When we are allied with our Inner Self we are turned on and when we are turned on, people are turned on to us.
In the classical literature of Kashmir Shaivism, kundalini is Divine energy, the snake that lies coiled at the base of the spine. Uncoiled, it moves up the spine, where it reunites at the top of the head with God, the Divine, and your own true Self.
As this energy is released it creates a vibration that is very powerful. This vibration is an emanation of the Inner Self and moves with strength and speed in the physical world. When we are in the presence of someone whose kundalini has been awakened, we pick up a different pulsation; there is something very attractive and engaging about this person.
Most of the time we have no idea intellectually what is going on-we just feel attracted. Initially, we may think the attraction is sexual, but that is just how we have previously interpreted wanting to be near someone. Now, all of our senses are stimulated, and we are awake, aware of a different energy that is both intoxicating and alluring.
This force captures us, and we are inexplicably drawn to the juicy feeling. We feel the need to move closer and closer because the energy is familiar; it may be the other person's but it is our energy too, Divine energy, the same in us all-and when we feel it, we know it. We cannot help but respond. With the other as a mirror, we are drawn in, never realizing we are turned on to our own vibration.
Feeling whole, we glow from the inside. This is what real sexuality is all about.
Chapter 46 from Reality Works- Let It Happen Copyright © 2002 Chandra Alexander
Chandra Alexander, MSW, has been living and teaching authenticity for the last thirty years. Selected by The Oprah Magazine as the Life Coach to deliver twelve coaching sessions to the grand prize winner of their Toyota Moving Forward contest, she also spent five years on NBC/TV/Daytime giving a weekly "Reality Check." Her blog, ChandraUnplugged ChandraUnplugged is a real find for any true seeker on the path to authenticity. Along with a private practice in Tampa, FL, she coaches clients all over the world in the areas of relationships, work and consciousness. To learn more about her books and CDs, visit her website at Coachgirl Coachgirl
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