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Which Sex & the City Character Are You? By Fay Pottinger

As we all know, the long anticipated Sex and The City movie recently hit our screens amid great media hype. SATC is watched as much for the fashion as for the storylines, and has encouraged women worldwide to categorise their style in line with the four main characters. So when it comes to choosing jewellery, which of the SATC characters do you most identify with?
Are you a Carrie?
Carrie is admired for her quirky individual style that is difficult to categorise and even more difficult to pull off. Her choice of jewellery ranges from the whimsical with the much coveted horseshoe pendant , which first appeared in series four, to even, uncharacteristically, pearls yet still worn in the most unconventional way.
Are you a Samantha?
With a fashion sense reminiscent of dynasty and late eighties power dressing Samantha's look screams sex and she relishes in it. Her bold, confident nature is clearly reflected in her choice of adornments. A fan of big hoop earrings, Samantha is not afraid to make the most fabulous of statements. She is fabulous personified.
Are you a Charlotte?
With her 50's inspired prom dresses Charlotte's style epitomises American chic. Her look is classic and preppy but with feminine, romantic touches. To achieve this look invest a few pieces of jewellery similar to Charlotte's and you will wear them forever. She wears a variety of diamond stud earrings for day and exchanges them for diamond drop by night. A heart bracelet and diamond engagement ring com completes her feminine daytime look perfectly. It goes without saying that a string of pearls with matching earrings is imperative in any Park Avenue princess's jewellery box.
Are you a Miranda?
Miranda is the least likely to dress to attract men. Her look is strictly corporate at work and ultra comfy in contrast at home. Admittedly as the series has progressed her wardrobe has evolved from functional and sensible suits to brightly coloured revealing numbers. Her choice of jewellery, however, although understated is always elegant and she keeps up with the others just fine in these dusters. Steal her look with these chandeliers from The Diamond Store. To complement her short, flippy hairstyle in many episodes she opts for drop earrings.
Fay Pottinger is Marketing Manager of thediamondstore The Diamond Store, the UK's largest internet jeweller specialising in thediamondstore engagement-rings.cfmDiamond Engagement Rings and Diamond Eternity Rings.
Fay_Pottinger Fay_Pottinger

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