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Sex and the Church By Roger Ali Bocus

Sex is one of the most misunderstood subjects spoken about, today. It's taboo to speak about it at home and quickly skimmed over in the church.
In fact, for too long the church has browsed over the subject of sex. Speaking around the subject instead of dealing with it directly... while there are members in our congregations and pulpits who are silently succumbing to sexual vices, and don't know where to go to for help. They are fervently praying someone would stand up and speak forthrightly about this vastly misunderstood subject.
But we have problems in our churches to even say the word 'sex, penis or vagina' how could we truly share about this subject in detail.
Apparently we feel these are dirty words to say - To mention in the church. So we avoid it altogether - Leaving our people (especially men) to suffer in defeat.
But the church is not to be totally blamed for this problem - our parents must also be held accountable.
In my growing years, the word 'SEX' was very hard to say. And even when I became an adult I still felt uncom comfortable saying that word. And I'm sure you can testify to the same.
Why didn't your parents inform you - Were your parents shy or just plain ignorant?
I believe parents didn't take the time to share these sensitive issues with their children, either because they didn't know themselves, didn't know 'how to', or were too embarrassed to talk about it.
But either way, they've done their children an injustice by permitting them to learn these things from other sources. They've allowed the young people to live their lives by default and not by design - God's design.
These children learned about this subject by whichever wind of doctrine blew their way: The Internet, Cable T.V., friends, magazines, talk shows, videos, DVDs... and other unreliable sources.
In fact, if you are honest with me, I'm sure you'd agree that because of your parents' negligence in this department, you acquired knowledge about sex from the wrong sources: People/Organizations/Books/Other... who passed on facts without moral truths - who failed to teach that true sex must be governed by responsible love.
My friend, have you been left to explore this strange terrain with no map to guide you to the promise land, and now you are lost - Hooked on unhealthy practices - Addicted to pornography and committing sex outside of marriage, and don't know what to do?
Does your life feel empty after all these orgies despite the temporary pleasures you've experienced from these sensual habits? Do you desire help? Do you long to feel fulfilled?
My friend, you are feeling empty because you are practicing sex without responsible love - without committed love.
God designed sex for marriage.
Let me boldly state this again: God made Sex to be experienced within marriage - not outside of marriage.
You are breaking God's laws this is why you cannot have true contentment or peace.
Any life lived without boundaries will lead to chaos!
My friends, God is the One who made Sex
And when He made sex, He made it for marriage. He made it as an avenue for two (2) separate individuals to become as one, for Procreation, and for Pleasure.
These are the three (3) basic reasons why God made sex:
1. Union - For two individuals to become one: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually
2. Procreation - To give birth to children - To populate the earth
3. Pleasure
Roger Ali Bocus is the author of ten (10) books, a motivational speaker, and counselor. Roger is also the President of The Literary Crusaders: A non-profit organization whose mission is to effect Positive and Lasting change in the lives of individuals, worldwide, through the power of the Written Word and Social Services. relationship-lasting relationship- lasting
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