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Sex and the Independent By Nicole Gayle

I'm not after popularity and you may not agree with what I'm about to write below.
Because you see, there are plenty of empty women, who are professionals, liberated, and very independent.
But probing deep beyond this, you will find that in their attempts to find liberation, they have found unhappiness. It doesn't matter how you slice it, a woman cannot try to compete with a man's natural drive to just have sex without a commitment.
And women have been trying to do this for a few decades now. We see it endorsed and splashed all over our entertainment industry. If you are this type of woman, are you happy? Is it ok to just have a good screw? Are you ok with that or are you truly wanting to find real love?
We find women who parade their sexuality as if it is something that is going out of style, yet they end up wanting, empty, still liberated by grossly unhappy. They try to carefully dissect their feelings, pulling their hearts on one end and pushing their bodies on the other. As if they have no need for the men they have been intimate with.
Yes of course prostitutes preach that and that is why they are that. They exchange their bodies for money. But the modern woman would frown upon that kind of similarity. She would say that she is indeed a very independent, capable woman.
She would tell you that she's ok. She will wonder why her men cannot commit because she will not be humbly enough to realize that she has taught the men that she does not deserve commitment.
Nicole Gayle is the author of the e-book, I'm Not That Kind of Woman - a bold, outside the box dating manual that helps women date smart and attract Mr. Right. notthatkindofwoman notthatkindofwoman
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