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Sex Life

A Lifetime of Sex Part two

By Linda - Nov 8, 2006 - From story- series. Sex Story Series - Views - 8143 I soon realised that Mr.Davis, or Dan as he wanted me to call him when we were alone, wanted to fuck me. He was in his early fifties but well up together and I knew that I wouldn't mind him fucking me. However I wasn't about to give it away free in his case. In the end he told me that he would buy a flat in my name, that his wife wouldn't know about, that I wouldn't need to attend the store all the time as his 'personal assistant' as I didn't have the skills for it, but that he would give me an allowance in exchange for me accepting the position as his mistress. I was seventeen going on eighteen and knowing that I did not want marriage I thought it a good opportunity and agreed. Dan told me that he wouldn't make excessive demands on me, he realised that I was a young girl and would want the company of people of my own age, he proposed that I should make myself available twice a week just for him, I agreed. I wasn't allowed to bring anyone back to the flat and if he decided to call on me he got priority and I had to put off anything else that I might have arranged. It all seemed very fair and civilised to me, especially when he told me that he didn't expect me to keep myself just for him, although he would not want to know what else I did.
After this agreement it took him a couple of months to find and buy a flat, when the sale was com completed he took me there one evening and we worked out what I would need to equip it com completely. He said that everything would be ordered and installed the following week. It was, and I arranged to meet him outside the flat one Friday evening, by then I was eighteen. We met and Dan gave me the keys and I opened the door and we went in. The flat was in a lovely position in a purpose -built block overlooking the river, it was beautifully furnished and had fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. After we had had a look round Dan went to the fridge and took out a bottle of champagne, there were a couple of champagne flutes in a display cupboard and Dan opened the bottle and we drank to each other. He then took me to the bedroom and told me that he was going to make love to me. I was quite surprised when he turned out to be a competent lover who was able to make love to me twice. It actually formed a pattern, every time we made love he would first of all take the best part of half an hour arousing me, take me almost brutally the first time, not that he hurt me, but taking only a minute or so before coming. He would then take his time to love me the second time, which usually lasted the best part of an hour. I had never had anyone fuck me for that length of time and it was a delightful surprise, I had no difficulty in being enthusiastic about it, which pleased Dan immensely.
Over the following weeks Dan established a pattern of calling me twice a week, usually on a Tuesday and Friday. He always wanted me looking very sexy in a flimsy negligee through which he could just see a sexy bra and pants, we would open a bottle of champagne before making love and have a lovely relaxed time afterwards. He loved it. I had an account with several shops which he settled and I took great care not to take advantage, I figured that I was a lucky young lady indeed to be looked after and cossetted the way I was and I certainly wasn't going to upset the apple cart. I did ask his permission for my mother to visit which he gracefully allowed me to do but I took care that he was never there when she was. My mother looked what she was, a rather blowsy woman of easy virtue. She could hardly believe my luck.
Once I was securely established I took to going out a couple of times a week, mainly with a friend of mine, Freda. Freda was a lot like me, who liked no-strings sex, and we often went on the pull together. Twice a week sex did not satisfy me but I was extremely careful not to indulge my passion anywhere where I might be recognised. Freda and I generally managed to find a couple of men to satisfy our lusts, although we now targeted men from a higher strata of society. The men generally were under no illusion about what we wanted and as long as we caused them no problems were happy with what we did.
The first time Freda and I went out after I had settled into the flat we managed to pull a couple of men in their thirties who were at a sales conference. They took us back to their hotel and we had drinks in their room and then got down to it. We were soon stripped off, Geoff, the one I had, was better endowed than most men with a cock in excess of seven inches and the thickest so far that I had encountered. He liked oral both ways ands got me well wet, he liked looking at my cunt too being very complimentary about how nice it looked. As it happened the first time he was going to fuck me I realised that I was desperate to spend a penny. He said he wanted to watch so we went into the bathroom and I stood astride the pan and pulling my cunt lips apart I let go full bore. He loved it and wouldn't let me pat myself dry but insisted that I bend over and let him put his cock up me. As a result I was extremely wet, it was a first for me, no man had ever fucked me while I was wet from a pee but I enjoyed it no end. The sloppy noise of his cock thrusting up my very willing cunt made it even more enjoyable for me. After he'd shot a considerable load deep into my cunt we washed and went back to the bed. I took his cock in my mouth and soon had him hard again, whereupon he gave me a lovely hard fucking for about twenty minutes. I already knew how much I liked being fucked again when I was full of spunk and this time was no exception, when the second load spurted up me I came. Lovely!
I have to go now, but look out for Part Three, this is ongoing!

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