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Christian Sex - Tips For Improving Christian Sex! By Chess McDoogle

Improving Christian sex should be of top priority if it is in need of repair in your relationship. Couples can easily lose focus of just how important sex can and should be in a Christian relationship. Here's tips for improving Christian sex:
1. Learn the Rules!
If your intimacy is suffering due to the confusion of what is allowable within a Christian relationship, then take immediate action to learn the rules. You will likely be pleasantly surprised at all the options available for intimacy within a Christian relationship.
There's a misconception that certain positions or practices are seen as sinful, when in fact there are many Christians who have confirmed that what really is allowable is much more than previously believed.
2. Add a Christian sex toy to the mix!
Now a Christian sex toy can be something very simple such as erotic oils or lotions. And in fact, usually the simpler the better. Once you bring in a more complex intimacy toy, you run the risk of relying on it too much, and it then becomes a crutch.
You want something simple and subtle, such as erotic oils. These can be the perfect addition to add variety, and thus greatly improving Christian intimacy.
3. Learn new positions and pleasuring techniques.
This is the ultimate way to bring an increased level of pleasure and satisfaction to your intimacy. If improving Christian sex is to be accomplished, it has to include adding variety to the mix.
There are so many exciting and pleasurable ways to celebrate the intimacy between you and your partner. And they all can be "Christian safe". The key to finding new techniques is to research a manual which was specifically geared towards Christian couples (and preferably written by a Christian man or woman). This way you'll learn all the intimate and erotic tips available for Christian intimacy, and will be able to apply them immediately!
What every Christian couple should learn about having sex in Christian marriage - christian-sex-celebration.blogspot christian-sex-celebration.blogspot
Check out these rules, techniques, and erotic tips for improving your Christina sex life - christian-sex-celebration.blogspot christian -sex-celebration.blogspot
Chess_McDoogle Chess_McDoogle

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