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Transcendent Sex - Ancient Secret Rediscovered By Kat Williams

Transcendent Sex is nothing new. Since the dawn of history, people have reported mystical and spiritual experiences during love making. Records of "sacred sex" may be found from all ancient civilizations including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and India. Thanks to several modern fictional works such as Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code, Transcendent Sex is coming into our modern day consciousness.
So what is Transcendent Sex?
According to prominent psychologist Dr. Jenny Wade, people engaged in Transcendent Sex may report the following occurrences to have taken place during or after sex:
Seeing visions Reliving past lives Sensing a Divine Presence Feeling sensations of "Bliss" Feeling One with everything Enlightenment
According to reports, to experience Transcendent sex, you don't have to be using drugs or practicing tantric sex. These occurrences may take place at anytime for anybody. They may be experiences that change your life and your perspective on spirituality. Or they may just change your attitude about sex in general. It may take a Transcendent Sexual experience to help some heal from sexual abuse, trauma or inhibition.
There are many avenues of research available, to learn more about Transcendent Sex. Modern writers Deepak Chopra and Dr. Jenny Wade are great places to start. For a historical background, you can pick several spiritual or religious texts including Shaman-ism, Yoga, Buddhism, Mystical Christianity or Wiccan.
Do you think you've had an experience with Transcendent Sex? You may have. Many people do but don't understand them or are afraid to report them. Like most things of a sexual nature, you can only grow and develop by keeping an open mind and being truthful to yourself.
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