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VIAGRA CONDOM: Coming Soon to Power Up Your Sex Drive, Longer Erections, Safe Sex

VIAGRA CONDOM: Coming Soon to Power Up Your Sex Drive, Longer Erections, Safe Sex

NEWS FLASH! The Viagra Condom is on its way to the U. S. and Canada! Already approved in Europe, the CSD500 (Condom Safety Device), is being praised by many men -- and their women. The hot new condom uses a compound -- licensed under the brand name of Zanifil -- to help men maintain a firmer erection during intercourse while wearing a condom. Zanifil is a vasodilating gel which increases blood supply to the penis. The company, Futura Medical, is quick to assure users that it doesn't degrade the latex in any way. "In a double blind clinical study comparing CSD500 against a standard condom co-sponsored by Futura Medical, of those who expressed a preference, a significant proportion of both men and women reported improvements in the firmness of the man's erection during intercourse when using CSD500, compared against a standard condom - a result that was highly statistically significant, " said Futura. "Furthermore, of those who expressed a preference, a significant proportion of both men and women also felt that CSD500 increased the penis size and a significant proportion of women reported a longer lasting sexual experience with CSD500." "The market they_re aiming for isn_t just men with decreased erectile performance, it_s the guys who perform well enough, but lose the erection while they_re putting on the condom, which is a sizeable number of men, " explained Dr Keith Jarvi, chief of staff, urology at Mr. Sinai Hospital and professor of surgery at the University of Toronto. The condom helps address an increasing problem: Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men . Erectile dysfunction in young men is an elaborate condition that could be caused by various probable factors. The sexual stimulation of a man during the initial stages of sexual activity involves the hormones, emotions, brain, and imbalance in one or more of these systems. Erectile dysfunction is not necessarily caused by psychological factors. Several may be because of medication side effects or medical problems in the past. Up until now, the best treatment for ED in young men has been herbal erectile tablets that easily increase blood flow to the penis, without the malicious side effects of ED drugs. Clinical tests have proven that Viagra and Cialis, when used by young men, can mask or increase the root problems that are creating their erectile problems in the first place. Doctors are refusing to prescribe ED drugs to young men and are recommending a safe herbal supplement. This supplement is specially designed to effectively stimulate the blood flow in the penile area. A stimulated blood flow in the penile area sustains the normal functions of the male's reproductive system while not causing the side effects. A top rated herbal tablet, such as vigaplus ?id=18bf41VigaPlus can effectively: 1. Increase sexual drive 2. Give you larger and harder erections 3. Improve your sexual experience and satisfaction 4. Give you and your sexual partner powerful and intense orgasms 5. Increase endurance in sexual activities 6. Increase the length and width of your penis 7. Give you all around healthy erectile function To learn all about the top herbal penis and libido enhancers -- See the Popular "SEX PILL REVIEW: Cialis Viagra Levitra VigaPlus ProVigra Kamagra MaxoCum ProCalis2Go Hot Rod Rhino51 Erectomax Penegra X2 Generic Viagra - Best Male Enhancement Drugs" CLICK HERE: free-online-dating.0pi custom2_1. SEX PILL REVIEW - BEST Young men may experience erectile dysfunction as an effect of illnesses such as atherosclerosis, heart diseases, elevated blood pressure, obesity, Parkinson_s disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and even metabolic syndrome. Besides these disorders, erectile dysfunction could occur in young men as an effect of cigarette or liquor overuse -- or the use of psychoactive, addictive drugs, most of them illegal. * As a therapist and relationship expert, I have seen a sea change in the way body image is perceived in modern society. Big Beautiful Women (BBW) Supersize Women (SSBBW) and Big Handsome Men (BHM) are increasingly accepted. Big XL Size men have always attracted a certain percentage of adoring women and continue to do so today. And Curvaceous women are seeking loving men who will accept and cherish them as they are. As the folks at wuving wuving well know. - Kate Kate Falken has participated in psychic research, dreamstudy and the practice of psychology for over 30 years. Click Here for wuving WUVING Relationship Tips and Click Here for free-online-dating.0pi custom2_1. SEX PILL REVIEW - BEST

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